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Refusing a National Insurance Number application. Retaining a .. The CA application form must be completed by the interviewing officer. to the DWP National Insurance number application line. The Jobcentre Plus interviewing officer will complete form CA Application for a. Forms. Form URL: pdf icon CA (PDF, KB); Description: How to get written confirmation of your National Insurance number if you can’t find it. You can .

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However, the NINO requirement had to be met on revision or supersession as well as on an initial claim.

That said, if you entered on a Canadian work visa — use a service dorm you most likely will not gorm to attend the EOI interview! Then, I would like to know if there is another way to do it? How strict is the DWP about this?

The address c5a give them will need to be proven as yours — this is where they will send your card, but they also want to make sure flrm ca5040 who they say you are.

Use keywords or the search function to find more recent material on this topic. July 23, at 8: If you cannot provide all the information asked for in part 1 you may have to fill in part 2 as well. They understand how the whole NI process works and where the potential pitfalls can be.


The ‘NINO requirement’: updated HB/CTB guidance | Child Poverty Action Group

She had no national insurance number and had forj applied for one at the time of the claim for HB. The Jobcentre Plus ca form officer will usually complete security form CA Application for a NINo on behalf of the applicant who will then sign the form applicants may complete the form themselves if they wish.

PDFKB1 page. Dispatch of CA form to NC.

Get your National Insurance number

This form is designed to be filled in on screen. It can take up to 15 days to get your National Insurance number by post. Hi Connie, Sounds like you need to look into where you fodm be classed as a resident for taxation purposes because they are going to want to you pay tax and fogm the UK that is the NI. I have a similar situation- I get paid on a contract basis by a firm in the UK.

Part 1 will tell you if you need to print, then fill in part 2. Hi Dale, It really depends on how they are paying you. Maybe Yes this page is useful No this page is not useful Is there anything wrong with this page?

The local authority has to provide the tribunal with all the available evidence, and has to obtain the evidence submitted in connection with the NINO application, copies of all the evidence on the applicant’s identity, and an explanation from the Secretary of State about why the evidence was considered insufficient to allocate a NINO.


In this case, it is highly recommended you use a service that can advise you on how to ofrm your identity in the UK and obtain the necessary documentation. To cut a long story short — the sooner you get it the better regardless.

Advice would be much appreciated. He was in the UK unlawfully an ‘overstayer’ and was not eligible to claim benefit. Sign up for email news. This form is designed to be filled in on screen. I have since applied for a NI number, but will have to wait about 8 weeks.


The DCI 1 is forwarded to the Hub, where the person concerned is interviewed and is required to submit ca5040 of identity. I am currently on a spouse visa and am in the UK at the moment. Form Get your National Insurance number. January 5, at 7: May 9, at 7: If the Secretary of State changes the determination, the local authority should incorporate this into a new outcome decision.

Do I need to apply for a new one? An individual may have dual nationality or may have subsequently changed nationality.

Filling in an application form- need help. If you went through the service I recommend please ask them. Information and evidence to trace a NINO: ACS application form filling help please!