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The AC voltage rating of Bussmann fuses is given in volts rms. Fuses tested to IEC are . semiconductor devices that utilize diodes, GTOs, SCRs and. SSRs. This catalog is intended to present product data and provide technical information that will help the end World’s leading supplier of fuses and fusible protection. Cooper Bussmann┬« circuit protection solutions comply with major industrial standards of high speed semiconductor fuses and the convenience of Class J .

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BS amps Capacity ka 3. Arc Terminator Active Arc-Resistant Switchgear Increasing safety and productivity by extinguishing internal arcing faults within the switchgear. Select Fuses designed and tested to: Time-delay minimum of four seconds at five times amp rating for close sizing.

Bussmann. Circuit Protection Solutions

Both high and low current faults are interrupted in the same manner with no foreign material other than the boric acid required. ERK Convenient, compact kit to hold spare fuses. Maximum operating temperature Fuae to 85 C. For instance, a V fuse can be used in a V circuit.

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Vertical Fuse bases in size 00 to size 3 are available, details upon request. Small size allows for assembly into 1 U 1.

NH HRC Fuses

End Piece Part No. Contact Bussmann sales representative for more complete ordering information. Main operating parts are the silver element, arcing rod, boric acid cylinder, and spring. A fuse is by definition a Single Point of Failure. Mounting holes with key slot 16 inches on center. A sustained overload current results in overheating of conductors and other components and will cause deterioration of insulation, which may eventually result in severe damage and short-circuits if not interrupted.

The excellent current limiting characteristics of sdmiconductor HRCI-J fuses limits damage to equipment and installations by the thermal and magnetic energy associated with a large short-circuit fault current.

Full Line catalog – COOPER Bussmann – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Refer to Data Sheet: Plated Ferrules Voltage Ratings: Response of current limiting fuses to such currents is extremely fast. Add B semiconducctor end of part number. Catlogue is the need for reliable protection, safety, and freedom from fire hazards that has made the fuse a widely used protective device.

Special consideration is necessary for semiconductor fuse and medium voltage fuse applications, where a fuse of a certain voltage rating is used on a lower voltage circuit.


Uses less energy; operates cooler; provides superior protection. This makes Bussmann s medium voltage fuses suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The indoor fittings accept a Muffler attachment to limit noise and contamination to indoor equipment.

Photo shown with side walls. Start display at page:. However, temporary, harmless overloads or surge currents may cause nuisance openings unless these fuses are oversized.

J Series Fusee Rating: Each subclass has designated I 2 t and l p maximums. Type CAVH are fitted with a striker pin for indication.

Provides long time-delay for temporary motor start-up. The coiled spring pushes the connector from the short-circuit element and the circuit is interrupted.

For equipment that requires screw connections in the field. Low watt loss reduces power consumption and lowers operating temperature. UL Recognized 94V-2 thermoplastic Collars: Application for data sets and telephones.

Larger, more expensive circuit breakers may have interrupting ratings of 14,A or higher.