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Total No. of BSNL JTO BSNL JTO Question papers will help. BSNL Previous Year Question paper and solution free download for The candidates who had petitioned for BSNL JTO Exam have to check. latestjobs provides BSNL JTO Previous Year Exam Paper and their answer or solution. BSNL JTO Sample Exam Papers | BSNL JTO Model Papers| Latest.

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BSNL JTO Previous Years Question Papers with Solution – Ekxam

The electrical conductivity of metals which is expressed in ohm-1 m-1 is of the order of – a b c d Answer is: How may countries are non-permanent members of the Security Council? Go through each and other incorrect answer so as to not repeat the same mistakes in the exam.

In a forward voltage Triggering thyristor changes from ” a off state to on state b on state to off state c on state to on state d off state to off state Answer is: An amplifier has a band width of 20 KHz and a midband gain of 50 without feedback.

When an ac current of 5A and dc current of 5A flow simultaneously through a circuit then which of the following statement is true? The main disadvantage of Diode-Transistor logic DTL is its- a greater speed b slower speed c average speed d none of the above Answer is: In an underground cable the distortion in the transmission of carrier frequency can be eliminated by using – a Inductive loading b Resistive loading c Capacitive loading d Shielding Answer is: Please enter your comment!

The output Qn is 1 in a JK flip flop and it does not change when clock pulse is applied The possible combination of Jn and Kn can be ” y denotes don’t care a y and 0 b y and 1 c 0 and y d 1 and y Answer is: In an enhancement type MOSFET the output V-I characteristics has ” a only an ohmic region b only a saturation region c only ohmic region at 10 W voltage value followed by a saturation region at higher voltages d an ohmic region at large voltage values preceded by a saturation region at lower voltages Answer is: Greater damping 4 Negative dB gain margin System stability requirements would include?


Microbiology Biochemistry Biotechnology Biochemical Engineering.

In a short electric doublet the radiation properties are so that- a The induction field diminishes as the square root of the distance and is only appreciable in the vicinity of the conductor. Next chose which one you need and click.

BSNL Previous Year Question Paper with solution Download

Compared to bipolars, FETs have- a high input impedance b low input impedance c same input impedance d none Answer is: The most common modulation system used for telegraphy is- a frequency shift keying b two ” tone modulation c pulse code modulation d single tone modulation Answer is: In which year did the fall of Bastille take place?

A satellite link uses different frequencies for receiving and transmitting in order to ” a avoid interference from terrestrial microwave links b avoid interference between its powerful transmitted signals and weak in coming signal c minimize free-space losses d maximize antenna uqestion Answer is: For a two port reciprocal network, the output open circuit voltage divided by the input current is equal to ” a B b Z12 c ” d h12 Wit is: You can buy a book. The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited board has newly released the recruitment notification to fill various quesfion for Telecom Technical Assistant.

An air capacitor is a ” a time variant b active device c time invariant d time invariant and passive device Answer is: A system snswers of 12 poles and 2 zeroes.


BSNL Previous Year Question paper with solution Download at

Download PDF December 2, To obtain good score proper preparation for the exam is important. Radio Broadcasting is an example of ” a space multiplexing b time multiplexing c frequency multiplexing d none of the above Answer is: A memoryless system is ” a causal b not causal c nothing can be said d none Answer is: You can determine quickly the effect answrs adding poles and zeros by ” a Nicholas chart b Nyquist plot c Bode plot d Root locus.

Lens antennas used for microwaves are usually made of paperx a Polystyrene b Glass of low refractive index c Paraboloid surfaces d Dielectric media having large refractive index An, What is the opposite of Asperity ” a gentility b superiority c kindness d clarity Answer quedtion Number of nybbles making one byte is ” a 2 b 4 c 8 d 16 Answer is: Then, the real part and wo are given by- a “5, 1 b “2.

Ninth Plan in India ranges from- a b c d Answer is: Current Affairs General Knowledge.

Current Affairs Interview Questions and Answers. In colour picture tube shadow mask is used to- a reduce x-ray emission b ensure that each beam strikes only its own dotsc increase screen brightness uqestion provide degaussing for the screen Answer is: An amplifier with negative feedback – a lowers its lower 3 dB frequency b raises its upper 3 dB frequency c increases its bandwidth d all of the above Answer is: Lastly, they will let you know the nature of questions that can be expected in Exam this year.