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Brosimum is a genus of plants in the family Moraceae, native to tropical regions of the Americas Brosimum discolor · Brosimum gaudichaudii Trecul—Mama- cadela · Brosimum glaucum Taub. Brosimum glaziovii Taub. Brosimum guianense. Motivated by this interest, we are investigating some Brazilian plant species, among them a tree, Brosimum gaudichaudii Trecul (Moraceae), found in Brazil’s . Morfoanatomia e histoquímica de Brosimum gaudichaudii Trécul. (Moraceae)1. Ezilda Jacomassi2,5, Ismar Sebastião Moscheta3 e Sílvia Rodrigues Machado4.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Brosimum. It is known that “all fluorescent substances found in nature, whatever the chemical function they belong to, are active therapeutically and pharmacologically without exception” Pozetti, Twelve hours before the experiment started, animals were submitted to food fasting, and the food returned two hours after the drug was ministered to each animal.

Once the suber is removed, the light brown cortical parenchyma, somewhat striped in the longitudinal direction, appears. This Moraceae article is a stub. United States Department of Agriculture.

The influence of such alterations upon the death cause must be taken into account in sub-acute and chronic toxicity tests. Synopsis of the plants known as medicinal and poisonous in Northeast of Brazil. This page was last edited gaudifhaudii 13 Novemberat Nevertheless, toxicity studies of repeated dose sub-acute and chronic are required in order brosimuk assess how far organic systems may be affected when animals are treated in the medium and long run, since the product is recommended for lengthy treatments.

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Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category link is on Wikidata All stub articles. Such hypothesis – of low oral acute toxicity – was partially confirmed by the present study.

Brosimum gaudichaudii

Small fruit becoming grizzled and orange when ripe. Its folk name, Bitch Tits, is derived from the fruits’ tendency to form on branches side by side, hanging much like gaudichaudio nipples of a female dog.

Of the Brosimum gaudichaudii – BG Figure 2. Psoralen photochemotherapic of cutaneous disorders.

Mama Cadela – Brosimum gaudichaudii

Furocoumarins gadichaudii of a broad spectrum of application in the treatment of leucomelanodermias, with photosensitizing activity upon the skin Dean, ; Alchorne, Indian J Exp Biol This species is not cultivated. The authors investigated the latex protein components and potential biotechnological applications. For determining the acute toxicity of BG approximate lethal dose, ALD, and average lethal dose, LD50albino male mice were used, weighing between 35 and 45 g Mama-Cadela Brosimum gaudichaudii a.

Assim, a DLA p. First of all, it is necessary to assess the acute toxicity of Brosimum gaudichaudii. Male, albino gaudichahdii weighing between 25 and 30 g, in good sanitation conditions have been used.

Brosimum gaudichaudii Images

Macedo M, Ferreira AR Native Range Native to savanna and scrub-forest regions of Brazil. The presence of a high amount of hemosiderin in the spleen indicates it suffered previous hemorrhage, attributed to the high dose of the applied product. The other analyzed innards presented a normal appearance, demonstrating gaudichahdii alteration caused by the product applied to the animals.


Organisation for Economic Co-operation and DevelopmentGuideline This powder, in microscopic terms, presents itself as pieces in varied shapes and sizes, in the amber color, semi-transparent when observed under the microscope under direct light.

The seriousness of the intoxication signs was dose-dependant Brodimum 3.

Brosimum gaudichaudii Images – Useful Tropical Plants

Of these, only an expressionless percentage has been investigated as to its pharmacology and toxicology. Thus, when the hematoxylin-eosin technique is employed the coloring becomes yellowish.

The fruit and some leaves back view only Photograph by: Synthetic similar products have already been found in the pharmaceutical market for use gqudichaudii the formulation of world-class drugs for the treatment of vitiligo and other depigmentating skin diseases. Brosimum gaudichaudiiMoraceae, Acute toxicity.

Brosimum gaudichaudiiMoraceae, Toxicidade aguda. The higher doses have led to lethality in a much shorter period of time.

Brosimum guianense parts drawing.