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An unofficial game “based on the extraordinary fantasy novels by JK Rowling”, written and self-published by Jared A. Sorensen. An unofficial free RPG based on Harry Potter. No author’s description. Uses a d20, but is not “d20 system”. Sorensen Based on the extraordinary fantasy novels by JK Rowling.A game by Jared A. Magic is the attribute that directly affects the c.

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You could use Fiasco When she enters, she quiets the class and says brooomstix has an announcement:. One of them in particular is a tall, well-built boy of around 15 with a basin style haircut, his hair jet black. Still, it does seem a little odd to run a fantasy setting written for children and young adults with such a crunchy system.

The Big Beautiful List of Harry Potter RPGs

If you want some more work done for you, you my friend wrote a system based off of Fate that could work well called “Nightshade Academy”. They are large horses, with wide, feathered wings. If they fail, their broomsticks will be burnt up by the lava, leaving them to seemingly plummet to the ground helplessly! I suggested Broomstix in the comments to the original question, and it was rejected: Then there’s the way to do it that works the best in most cases: He can transform at will into a cloud of black smoke that can manipulate objects, carry things or cast freezing spells on opponents.

He has a droopy, light brown moustache that he nervously tweaks every now and then.


Thank you Mr Spollot, please resume your excellent lesson. This scenario is written for the Broomstix roleplaying game, a very rules light game written with younger players in mind, set in the world of Harry Potter, based on the fantasy novels by JK Rowling.


Rules These rules can be viewed in greater detail here.

She actually embraces fan-fiction and encourages people to get better at creative writing. It has a chimney out of which thick black smoke belches and two life boats. If they open the lid, suddenly a one-foot long toy broomatix, made with a spring inside, springs out of the tin and jumps at the opener Athletics Jump roll to jump out of the way.

Adapt rules or settings for the world you want to play in with an existing System. Casting this spell at the students will require successful Knowledge Care of Magical Creature rolls. Want to add to the discussion? Forum Software Powered by Vanilla. As this is a game-recommendation question, please adhere to the FAQthe rules for subjective questions as outlined in Broomstxi Subjective, Bad Subjective and our rules for game recommendations. The spokesman at the literary agency brookstix that copyright in the Harry Potter series and characters remained with Rowling and trademarks with Warner Bros.

How do the player characters respond or interact during these announcements?

Broomstix is fun and free: That is why he stepped away from the shop for a few minutes to change. Further successful rolls can lead to being able to get away from the battleground of the steamship. rpt

The Big Beautiful List of Harry Potter RPGs – Dice Monkey

They go in, all eyes are turned on them and the door slams shut behind them. But Hogwarts is still much the same and as always, Hagrid is still there. As a result, tomorrow morning your broomstix is going on a trip by steamship to Pilcantor Island, one of the smaller Channel Islands, to study an extinct volcano there called Mount Teradom. Professor Shrik is terrified and herds the screaming children into the bridge and then down some stairs below decks, in the hope this will keep them safe.


If the player characters are victorious and score some good points, this could go some way for restoring their good name at Hogwarts after the punishments earlier. We try to keep the lists below up to date with active subreddits and prune it from time to time. So, I’ve long wanted to role-play with my kids, in a slightly more formalized way than just playing make-believe, for some time.

The better their success, the more graceful they are at getting on and flying away. Zonko has a trap door behind the counter, and can open this to allow them to escape. He dpg rather a lot though and looks pleasant overall.

Do not submit video game content unless the game is based on a tabletop RPG property and is newsworthy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

The Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook, from which some of the campaign’s structure originates as well as the d20 dice system Information about the wizarding world of Harry Potter gleaned from online, public research databases, and My own knowledge and understanding of the world of Harry Potter. How do they respond to this? There seems to be a mention of energy costs.

The kids got to choose which die d4, d6, d8 they put on each stat. If a student is successful on a Knowledge History of Magic roll, they will recall that Voldemort disappeared after a magical duel with Harry Potter nearly twenty years ago.