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Congratulations on your choice of the Bronica SQ-A single lens reflex Although instructions following are based on a standard combination consisting of the. View and Download BRONICA SQ-A manual online. SQ-A Digital Camera pdf manual download. View and Download Zenza Bronica SQ-A instructions manual online. Zenza Bronica SQ-A Single lens Reflex Camera. SQ-A Film Camera pdf manual download.

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The film back consists of a film holder and a film back frame, with The SQ-Am uses six AA batteries to drive the manuak, in addition to the a small 6 volt battery to power the camera’s shutter and meter.

Unscrew the set screw on the time exposure lever brnoica further rev- olution is Distance scales on the Zenzanon-S lenses can be used for focusing at the required distance or finding the distance actually focused.

Firing speed Continuous shooting or single frame manuual at the rate of 3 frames per 2 seconds ap proximately is possible with the fastest shutter speed. Instructions are based on the waist-level finder because of its popularity. The Zenza Bronica SQ-A has been designed to take full advantage of the square 6cm x 6cm eq-a format.

Film Type Indicator Frame Upon loading the film, tear off the end flap from the empty film pack- age The camera is powered by one 6V PX28A battery located in a compartment at the base of the camera.

For example, if the 80mm lens is focused at a distance of 3m, it can be seen from the depth of field scale that the zone will extend from 2 to 7 meters rbonica ft. Then, slide both screen removal levers forward to secure the focusing screen.


The T mode will function on lenses equipped as such. Continuous shooting is pos sible if sufficient preloaded film backs are available. Use a R filter or equivalent with an infrared black-and white film. The mirror lock-up switch lever must always be returned to N, before loading film. Don’t have an account? This camera manual library is for reference and historical purposes, all rights reserved. The standard magnifier supplied with the waist-level finder has a power of Unscrew the set screw on the time exposure lever until further rev- olution is impossible, which will permit the lever to be moved freely.

Double exposure can be prevented, in the above case, by the following methods. The drive button should be used, in this case, to advance the film one frame.

Bronica SQ-A Instruction Manual

broniica Fully automatic instant reopening lens diaphragm action; equal-distant aperture scale graduations. Rotate in the counterclockwise direction until it stops, with an audible click, which will indicate that it is securely locked. A red LED will illuminate in the viewfinder during shutter fire.

When S is set to the index, with the mirror lock-up switch lever, the lever will automatically return to N, with the next film advancing and shutter cocking action. On the other hand, should the drive button be depressed when a film back is attached with film advanced properly and, there fore, in condition for photo graphy, the film will not be ad vanced.

The six AA- size batteries for the motor drive system must be loaded in the battery holder taken out, with their polarity marks coincided to the indications on the holder. However, the contact cover on the hot shoe must be removed, first, when attaching electronic flash units.

User Guide for Zenza Bronica Camera, Free Instruction Manual

When in focus, however, the two halves will coincide with the displacement disappearing. However, depressing the depth of field preview lever will stop the lens diaphragm down to the preselected lens opening and permit the photographer to check the depth of field effect on the focusing screen.


Auto-Winding and Shutter Cocking. Page of 27 Go. Push it all the way in. Don’t touch the surface with your fingers or a cloth. After loading bronicw fresh film spool properly, draw out the manyal end of the film and turn it across the film pressure plate as illustrat- ed. Click here for scanned to PDF – color. Insert new batteries or keep a spare on hand, for such occasions. After the 12th exposure of the roll film 24th exposure of the roll filmthe bronuca crank will turn freely with further rota- tions.

Attachment Of The Neck Strap The film back dark slides are now locked when not attached to the camera. Loading the Batteries A single 6 volt silver oxide bat tery or alkaline-manganese bat broniica is required for the electro nic control lens shutter. Run it down and turn it over to the take-up spool. Thoroughly familiarize yourself with its work. The batteries for the motor drive system are checked by bronicca ting the mode selector switch to Sm or Cm and depressing the drive button to check whether there is motor drive operation or not.

The focusing screen can be exchanged, depending on the type of photographic work being undertaken.