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Restorations of Masonic Geometry and Symbolry Being a Dissertation on the Lost Knowledges of the Lodge by H P H Bromwell. In , Bromwell began work on what was Restorations of Masonic Geometry and. HPH Bromwell. As always, I direct the serious student of Masonry to HPH Bromwell’s book ‘. Restoration of Masonic Geometry and Symbolry’ as the book to read.

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When he moved to Colorado he became that state’s first Honorary Grand Master. The parallel lines restkration the hexagram are halting or limiting lines for Mercury. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Note that the head is male and the body is female. Of course, he is talking about magic here. Worshipful Master sits on the East and he has to spread the Light across the lodge, for he is the Sun at sunrise, the Father aspect.

South is ruled by sign of Leo. This tile is rotated 45 degrees from the one above. The Smith-Brooks Printing Company. In ancient Greece, under the name Hermes he was protector of merchants and travelers, associated with fertility, luck, roads and borders.

Henry P. H. Bromwell – Wikipedia

Michell speaks repeatedly about ‘the collapse of the former ancient world order and the loss of the ancient canon of proportion on which it was founded’.


He embodies the same principle of balance.

It’s a northern hemisphere mythology that sees the southern hemisphere as an underworld. Beyond that are marked the tropics at The Earthly representative so to speak. Lovers of the Craft. If the Masonic Light is in the East then an aproach from the East to the West would represent worship of the forces of darkness.

Henry P. H. Bromwell

Compare that layout with the one of St Peter’s above it. The Egyptians liked long open avenues lined by columns and sphinx that brought you to a closed in space, what architect Paul Rudolph called the A-B effect, where you move from one kind of space to another- horizontal to vertical, for instance.

Bromwell points out that Bible dimensions are intended to portray volumes and important ratios proportions. The letter He is drawn like this above. Such is the case here. Here we see the lower case and upper case letter Omega in Greek.

The center square is the cubic foundation stone of the lodge floor for scale purposes. And that, as you suspected it is all about astronomy.

bomwell At the equinox at the equator there are 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. E by the way is He, as in yod he vau he. The Alpha, like the letter Tau, besides being an architect’s working bromwelo, were phallic images. As it comes over the Eastern horizon, it rises with the point up oblique square. Bromwell was initiated into freemasonry inand he became the Grand Master of Illinois in Home About Help Search.


The first degree is the June Solstice, the second is the December Solstice and the third degree pertains to the equinoxes and the equator, and equilibrium, balance etc. Looking East, the sunrise moves from center to left to center to right. Hasidism and alchemy sanctitfy daily life by making every action a sacrament, consciously directing their intentions. This is very deep lesson to be used for gemoetry. The ratio of the volume of the Tabernacle to the Temple was 1: So, dividing by five and multiplying by 6 we get x60x One of the main things that are depicted in the Lodge are astronomical lines such as the equator, the tropics and the artic circles.

Peter Tompkins, in ‘Secrets of the Great Pyramid’, compares general notions about measuring and mapping the Earth and the sky symbolized by the terrestrial and celestial globes of Masonry to those of measuring and mapping the sky.