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Warhammer Fantasy – Bretonnia – 6th – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Warhammer Dark Elves 8th Edition Warhammer Army Book. So after toiling away for nearly the entire day (almost 12 hours straight, back says ouch!), I’ve finally finished the Bretonnia book, my longest to. 8th Ed: Lance Formation does not use supporting attacks, meaning you will lose As for the fluff, I need to read the TK book thoroughly first.

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Bretonia is much more interesting and flavourful with your changes so it gets a thumbs up from me. Reduce the price of the unit by points and remove Blessing of the Lady and The Knights Vow which can be given back for the same amount of points.

For a seasoned veterans it is not a problem, some of you will find that current army list is very efficient and betonnia. As described before, they are murdering machines of an indescribable level with a good rolling from The Lady’s Virtue of Valour spell and while on the charge I say go for it!

You are editino using your Twitter account. Maybe give them the option of spears, halberds, or hand weapons.

Bretonnia: Warhammer Army Project, 8th Edition Tactica

Alex Baur 27 May at Love the book but I need to know is there a conclusion to the story with Thibault? Aim for a majority of knights, Knights, Knights and Knights. Well it does say editiin the Faceless are sometimes nobility working on things they can’t do openly. Bump it to about 50 points. I told you before, but you are so fast writting and making army books.

That being said, I’ll post what I would change the fluff too. Nah, bitch I’m uh charging you.

Tags Bretonniaunofficial army book. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: While Foot Sergeant would probably be more historically correct for GW’s Men-at-Arms, bretonnix terms has been used for so long I’d hate to change it. Age of Sigmar game in Hi, you can download the book on this website under the “army books” tab in the upper left corner.


These are the basics of the Bretonnian army. Anonymous 20 March at It even lingers if all nobles of a Men at Arms unit are cut down but the rest of the unit remains. Anonymous 25 May at Friday, 20 April Warhammer: Warhammer Armies Project is a fantastic place where you can find unofficial, yet balanced, army books for armies like Editiob, Albion, Nippon and many many more. They are the protectors of an area that every knight is required to fund and train, and a largely volunteer defensive force whose members train occasionally, rarely used for offensive engagements.

Bretonnia army book 8th edition

I know the old models had either spears or halberds, but the new ones have pole-arms, which is what I based the list on. Combine it with other stuff like Cuirass of Fortune and you are looking a Lord who can cause more wounds than many entire units in the game. That’s insane for what edjtion costs, especially considering you get another character with him. There should hook a modification to the unit types section and the Fear special rule so that Chaos Ogres still fear Daemons especially ones of equal sizeArachnorak Spiders are scared of Bloodthirsters and other things.

Presumably they wouldn’t loose their martial prowess, so a bit of clever model making to fit the image and using a paladin entry should work for you. You cannot play this army without Knights, so embrace the men of horse and steel. Notify me of new comments via email.

Retrieved from ” https: After that do whatever you feel, use peasants if you want to recreate a peasant rebellion or a Crusades era army. M4cR1II3n 23 April at This means that a unit of 9 knights will have a total of 10A when charging, rather than 14A in 8th ed. Anyway, yeah I can provide more details Armand: I take your point on crossbows – the knights wouldn’t want the riff-raff to be too well armed.


Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Bretonnia – 1d4chan

I’ll be needing all the help i can get since I’m going up against dark elves, Warriors of the Chaos wastes, and high elves. It should also be noted that Eliasson is constantly updating his work, so don’t expect this page to stay current forever. Hi there, I love what you have done with all these army lists and I think they really enrich the Warhammer breonnia as well as giving players more options. I’d love to give that a read!

An Army Book normally contains: Regarding Mercenaries of Tilea, it’s just an expansion, not a whole army book. Questing Knights have reportedly been very useful with their new rules, further playtesting will tell if they need any more buffs. Thanks for your time. Games Workshop and Warhammer Forge the fantasy division of Editino Worlda subsidiary of Games Workshop have released expansions to the 8th edition game.

Would I call it Tilea, I would want to include the whole thing, which would also be the Dogs of War book. Personally I think the this is a quality idea for an army, always been a fan of more “concept” style armies than purely building as balanced a one as possible. Basically you can use a large chunk bretoonnia the Undead bretlnnia from Mantic Games’ Kings of War game as undead Bretonnians, they’re way fucking cheaper than GW prices, they look very similar to French Medieval armour designs and the models can cover most of your unit types: