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Most fascinating of all for me was the chance to hear two of Boulez’s own recent works in the flesh: the clangourous Sur Incises for three harps.

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The work plays with contrasts of gestures and textures, for instance, repeated pitches or chords in an even tempo interrupted by violent melodic arcs, or sparse chordal interjections without discernible rhythm over long held sonorities.

My original intention was to write the main part for the first piano. All of the music you hear in it is based on a single chord derived — see what I’ve done there?

Incises – Wikipedia

There is one section where the pianos play an elaborate ostinato passage, thus a very strict compositional structural form while the percussionists play very free figures at the same time. This article contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase.

Pierre Boulez Instrumentation details: A Garland for Dr. I have read the data protection statement and agree to its validity. It’s as if Debussy were to take a single gesture from La Mer and magnify it until it filled 45 minutes.

Why Boulez is like a bait ball

Boulez wrote Sur Incises a few years later and dedicated it to Paul Sacher on his 90th birthday. Retrieved from ” https: And I composed this piece for the 90th birthday of Paul Sacher although this, you have to believe me he laughs is pure coincidence. Monday and Tuesday brought the complete Schumann symphonies in visceral, illuminating performances from Simon Rattle and the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenmentconcerts that made me feel that Schumann is the most underrated symphonist of the 19th century: Baden-Baden, 18 September Translation: I am really very happy with the sound combinations in this piece and also with the way the rather exotic instruments are integrated.


Everything changes on the surface — there are passages where everything is speeding along vertiginously, which then contract into pools of slower music — but nothing changes underneath. Most fascinating of all for me was the chance to hear two of Boulez’s own recent works in the flesh: University of Michigan Press. The question is what does that mean? A packed Festival Hall gave Boulez a rock-star reception after the music’s coda.

The sheer riot of color is engrossing. By the way, I have emphasised the different sound character of the instruments by positioning them in a characteristic way. As the music unfolds, episodes of sustained, quasi-lyrical dreaminess alternate abruptly with outbursts of pulsating intensity that suggest “organized delirium”, in the term Mr.

Why Boulez is like a bait ball | Music | The Guardian

This article about a classical composition is a stub. Because this sound belongs to all families and to none at the same time. The pianos therefore obviously represent the principal instruments.

Boulez’s wildly colorful, almost crazed and uncompromisingly difficult music. Service described a performance: Another reason is that I did incixes want to compose a piece for all families of instruments like in Eclat. Relaxed, Jovial and Busy”.

Pierre Boulez: sur Incises

You’d better hope you like the kaleidoscope for a kick-off; but if you do, there’s a bboulez, hypnotic quality to the music that is a million miles from the aggressive iconoclasm of Boulez’s earliest music. In sur Incises I have expanded, stretched this introduction a lot in terms of its duration. I then thought about adding brass players but there already exists a piece for brass instruments, harp and piano by Hindemith so I rejected this idea. Carter’s music is also based on pre-determined harmonic fields, but he creates the illusion of dynamic and dramatic change in a piece like the Clarinet Concerto, brilliantly played by Boulezz Damiens.


Boulez, Music and Philosophyp. I don’t use steeldrums for inckses sake of their exotic and folkloric colour but because of the fact that they exceed the usual bounds of the individual families of instruments.

In this part the principles of the cadence are mixed with the introduction, this very free introduction actually in a rather complete way so that it is very ihcises to judge which elements are taken from which area. In what respect do sur Incises and Incises differ since their congruence is so obvious?

Rebel with a cause”. Next work Tombeau Pierre Boulez Tombeau.

Boulez cannot really express change or difference the way that Debussy can. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Tom Service wrote in The Guardian that: The piece lasts less than ten minutes. But you find also moments when this role play is divided up, such as that one piano and one percussionist play the free structures whereas the other pianos and percussionists have to follow the strict ostinato movement etc.

Topics Music Tom Service on classical music. I did not choose nine instruments on purpose. Of the two works, Allan Kozinn preferred Inciseswriting: Now sur Incises originates from this piece and goes beyond the scope of pure piano sound.

The command of musical energy and the oncises of drama are also spectacular.