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Boss DR-5 Dr. Rhythm. +. Boss DR-5 Dr. Rhythm. DR-5 Dr. Rhythm, Drum Machine from Boss in the DR series. This product is no longer manufactured. The Boss DR-5 drum machine has an average rating of out of 5.(The Boss DR-5 drum machine has a total of 57 reviews). This unit is definitely a hidden treasure. If you’re a guitarist or bass player looking for a box to control percussion and any other midi gear this is a great option.

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It also offered a metronome, volume and tempo controls, as well as individual balance faders for Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Cymbals and Claves.

CR Human Rhythm Player This bit pre-programmed rhythm machine offered a vast variety of rhythmic patterns, with a characteristically human feel. The analog circuitry allowed for sounds with tweakable attack, tone, tuning, snap and accent parameters. Rhythm DR This device takes the sounds of the DR and adds velocity-sensitive pads and footswitch control.

RA RealTime Arranger This machine was intended to be used alongside a Roland piano, to add an accompaniment for performance. It offered the usual balance, volume and tempo controls, alongside a Selector switch for moving between rhythms.

Most people comment on how great the sounds in the machine are, and I’ll be no exception. For bboss it is closer Bontempi than anything else. With Direct Pattern Play, users are able to assign patterns to pads, allowing triggering cr5 the fly. Rhythm series of drum machines.


It also featured a built in amplifier and speaker. The Boss DR-5 tends to be more geared toward those looking for a device that allows them to make entire instrumental songs at their fingertips.

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Fully programmable, the sequencer section was incredibly powerful, allowing the user to chain 96 patterns into songs of up to measures. This is for only one of them–the one on the left in the group shot.

I bought this unit not long ago, but don’t remember exactly where that’s my memory for ya. It takes the best features of the legendary TR and TR machines and couples them with innovative design and technological advances. So popular was the design, it was later adopted by the Hammond Organ Company, who began to incorporate the FR-1 presets into their latest organ models.

It featured the same sounds and rhythms as the other CR machines, with the addition of a floor speaker cabinet.

The Yamaha sound better sometimes, but ergonomics issue is not really that. This unit sounds simply brilliant. These devices were primarily for programming rhythms and did not provide the user with sound editing possibilities. To the sounds of instruments, it depends, some sound a bit “artificial”, others are more credible It offered 4 assignable CV controllers and onboard dance music patterns, alongside its 8-track sequencer and large granular tempo slider.

Rhythm DR This device was a milestone in bsos Dr. It also featured the same tone generator as its predecessor, but had a significantly smaller control surface, no D-Beam and less features BOSS Dr. Now I mostly use them for songwriting. All machines in this series were made using analog voice circuits, with the TR standing for Transistor Rhythm.


This does not mean that I regret my purchase! It had individual volume control dg5 its sounds, which provided the user with more control over the drum mix.

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With more memory capacity, this device was able to integrate a wider range of both acoustic and electric sounds, hosting 48 sounds in total. News 7 Essential Synth Tutorials.

The Groove Modify feature applies various groove and triplet feels to your sequences. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Our members also liked: This is an excellent machine for Laying out, really intuitive, and allows to focus solely on music. Using the keyboard is simple because the buttons correspond to the squares of a fretboard.

With its characteristic bass drum, which was able to produce very low frequencies, and its distinctive cowbells, the sound of the TR was unmistakable.

With its enhanced memory, it offered expanded sound editing control, 2 reverb types, 2 flanges, and a 2-band EQ.