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A major component of moder SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems is the Bosch Denoxtronic reduction agent metering system. It reduces nitrogen oxides. Bosch’s Denoxtronic is an efficient solution for meeting Tier 3 requirements and above. It injects AdBlue, a solution of percent urea in. Bosch components. Dosing control unit DCU/ electronic engine control unit MDG1. Optional with MDG1: heater control unit HCU-PC. Optional with MDG1.

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Sprays with different spray angles and flow rates allow the perfect distribution of ammonia in the SCR catalytic converter. Please try again later. The dosing module serves to inject the diesel exhaust fluid into the exhaust tract in compressed form. I have taken note of the privacy statement. Wideband lambda sensor For denoxtrronic in gasoline and diesel engines. Latest Bosch Mobility videos on Youtube Watch now.

The DEF level, temperature and concentration is detected by a level- temperature- and concentration sensor. The main task of the control unit in the dosing control device is the model-based calculation of the required dosing quantity according to a predetermined dosing strategy.

Denoxtronic supply module

It sprays the required diesel exhaust fluid DEF into the exhaust system. Comfort boscj These cookies offer additional functionality or make the website easier to use. I have taken note of the privacy statement. I have taken note of the privacy statement.

Structure of the diesel exhaust fluid dosing denoxxtronic water-cooled. Imprint Legal Privacy Bosch. Targeting cookies These cookies are used to customize information and advertising to your interests based on the content you have visited before. The main function of the supply module is to deliver the DEF form the tank to the dosing module via a precise solenoid membrane pump. Se continui ad utilizzare questo sito acconsenti a denoxtornic uso.


Many thanks for taking an interest in Bosch Mobility Solutions! The supply module is part of the Bosch Denoxtronic system responsible for delivering diesel exhaust fluid DEF that reduces nitrogen oxide into the exhaust system. In automotive applications, this reducing agent is obtained from the carrier substance urea, NH 2 2 CO.

Denoxtronic dosing module For efficient exhaust-gas treatment. The concept has no backflow DEF line into the tank.

Denoxtronic: Urea dosing system for SCR systems

The spray form can be adapted easily to the exhaust pipe. The urea is then converted via thermolysis and hydrolysis into ammonia. Waiting for the Denoxtroniic put on the market the test software for the diagnostics, at the end ofour regeneration program regarding Bosch Denoxtronic modules became active.

The System supports our customers for achieving current and upcoming emission regulations. AdBlue is administered in the required quantity – precisely adjusted to the current denoxtroniic status. The system consists of supply and dosing modules in addition to the optional DCU. We will process your request promptly. Lifetime 1 for dnoxtronic commercial vehicles. Due to the flat design of the filter, the residual volume in the tank is below ml — a big benefit for the vehicle manufacturer for tank design and usable tank volume.


The urea is converted into denoxtrnic through thermolysis and hydrolysis. In the catalytic converter, the ammonia reduces the nitrogen oxide to water and nitrogen. By using SCR dosing system from Bosch, the diesel engine can be operated with lower fuel consumption and thereby lower CO 2 emission Low installation space needed, due to flat and standardized design of the supply module.

Common-rail system with piezo injectors Diesel injection system CRS for a maximum pressure up to 2, bar. Please try again later. This new program allows the customer to save a lot of money with the security and guarantee of perfect operation.

Denoxtronic supply module

Powertrain sensors Sensors provide all the necessary information for the engine management and transmission control. A Sensor unit for filling level, concentration and temperature. Latest Bosch Mobility videos on Youtube Watch now.

After the vehicle is parked, the Denoxtronic supply module empties the cold dosing module to protect it. Differential pressure sensor Different application possibilities in the vehicle. Denoxtronic dosing control unit For efficient exhaust-gas treatment. Electronically controlled atomization of diesel exhaust fluid in the exhaust train. Filter All system components Exhaust gas relevant components Exhaust gas sensors Exhaust-gas treatment.