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I wish to provide some historical perspective on the input by Sojo of the “Boots” Blesse tactics summary. Not for historical correctness. No Guts No Glory (Blesse & Cleveland). Article code P-NGNG (Blesse & Cleveland). Condition New. No Guts No Glory by Ray Waddley. Signed by Boots Blesse. Betty Blesse, wife of late Maj. Gen. Frederick “Boots” Blesse, watches as two F-4 Phantom II aircraft fly overhead during a memorial dedication.

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James marked it as to-read Sep 14, The idea of a gllory is a good one, not the welded wing but a loose trail or overwatch position ready to clear your wingmates 6. When Boots Blesse wrote it, he gave an excellent summary of tactical doctrine based upon poorly trained pilots. Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal. During this assignment he attended night school and earned a master’s degree np international relations at The George Washington University.

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Found a PDF of “No Guts No Glory” by Maj. Gen. Blesse – General Discussion – Baseops Forums

That trained only about 30 guys a year. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Works Cited Khurana, Simran. In most of the ’60s it was about all we had in the USAF for written guidance.

On May 5, tuts, General John A.

Air Forcewhere he served from August until April 1, We are better bokts to use tactics that make both guys or three all equal in tactical weight and shooting authority. During the second tour in Fs, he was officially credited with shooting down nine MiGs and one La This site uses cookies.


No Guts, No Glory

An ace in the North American P Mustang but now dealing with a cacophony of electronic sensors, Olds would gllry his F-4 Phantom go silent.

Army of Occupation Medal with ‘Japan’ clasp. During memorial services, white roses are laid on the sarcophagi of the fallen pilots. Stuart Aken Books, writing, reading and words. Aircraft Blesse flew included: Notify me of new comments via email.

The Fighter Pilot’s Survival Guide

Albeit, some would say he still was just cannon fodder. He understood why and supported the changes. I still have a copy of it that I used in the 60s, in some old trunk. He earned his pilot wings just as World War II was ending and did not see any combat bolts the war. It is a graphics limitation on situational awareness.

One last thought is that the bleses of view from a cockpit, unlike real world, just makes the WoWP welded wingman incapable of performing his primary role. Available on Amazon in Hard Cover still.

Harkey rated it liked it Mar 23, On one of those occasions, I picked off 3 planes in the bootss of 45 seconds. Welded Wing went defunct partly because of the evolution in aircraft technology. Jacqueline Marie marked it as to-read Nov 14, Well, since WOWP’s is base from the late ‘s, ‘s, to the mid ‘s, the doctrine on the applied tactics befits the time frame.

Famous Sayings: #12 — ‘No Guts, No Glory!’ – Shmaltz and Menudo

Want to Read saving…. Vietnam Service Medal with four bronze campaign stars. Voice Comms makes the difference here, the ability to coordinate and act in support of each other instantly can help turn a bad situation around.


As Pogo pointed out above.

Subscribe or Give a Gift. Amazing results have been achieved in combat through aggressiveness alone, but it has been proven time and again that all the training in the world is insufficient when the individual does not have it in his heart to engaged the enemy or destroy the target.

I have thought more, overnight, on how to boors that No Guts, No Glory is passe.

In a search for the text, I came across a forum post on Flying Squadron website. I flew with guys in the 60s who had gone to front line combat in the P with only about ten hours of time in it Earth to Ash “A collection of my thoughts, feelings, and reactions, to the world around me”.

He just hangs on, does not shoot unless cleared by is leader and is there to alert the leader to a threat; whilst leader can concentrate on out maneuvering and killing an enemy bird.

National Order of Vietnam 1st Class.

Blesse was commissioned a year early due to World War IIgraduating from West Point and being awarded his pilot wings on June 5, This page was last edited on 26 Mayat Retrieved 29 May