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I wish to provide some historical perspective on the input by Sojo of the “Boots” Blesse tactics summary. Not for historical correctness. No Guts No Glory (Blesse & Cleveland). Article code P-NGNG (Blesse & Cleveland). Condition New. No Guts No Glory by Ray Waddley. Signed by Boots Blesse. Betty Blesse, wife of late Maj. Gen. Frederick “Boots” Blesse, watches as two F-4 Phantom II aircraft fly overhead during a memorial dedication.

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“No Guts No Glory” by L/Col. Frederick C. Blesse.

He was an intellectual and highly principled guy. To minimize our disadvantages, we rely on skill, experience, and occasionally, treachery…. Last Updated 14 Jan Sure, enough, on an early mission over France, he was separated bootss his formation and then got bounced by a Logan called for a Decoration Day to be celebrated on May 30 of every year.

During this time, he wrote the book “No Guts, No Glory”, which has been used as a basis for fighter combat operations for many of the world’s air forces, such as Royal Air Forcethe U.

Thus, we could grow into superior tactics during the years of peacetime training. Ignacio rated it liked it Jan 12, Slob marked it as to-read Jun 22, And it shows the wingmen following their leader almost on a welded wing.


Found a PDF of “No Guts No Glory” by Maj. Gen. Blesse – General Discussion – Baseops Forums

KloudRains, on 23 March – Amazing results have been achieved in combat through aggressiveness alone, but it has been proven time and again that all the training in the world is insufficient when the individual does not have it in his heart to engaged the enemy or destroy the target.

It was all because of how the US went to war then. If you have a story to tell about this trip, I booys love to read it. The changes came about because of aircraft detection system technical leaps, missile developments and pilots having much more training.

Nate blesde it liked it Apr 09, Subscribe or Give a Gift. The idea of a wingman is a good one, not the welded wing but a loose trail or overwatch position ready to clear your wingmates 6. I got head nods from him re the shift. Available on Amazon in Hard Cover still. Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Military Academy at West Point in Best unclassified look at it is Shaw, Robert Additionally, Memorial Day became a Federal holiday.

People like Boots Blesse. The Vietnam War experience changed things at the top and we started getting healthy as the F and F were on the way. KloudRains 3 Posted 23 March – On one of those occasions, I picked off 3 planes in the space of 45 seconds.


Lawrence added it Oct 05, Now, you say that the birds of WoWP are of the kind when a finger-four formation with welded-wing wingmen was how to do it, so why not use it for WoWP? Below the monument lie the remains of 70 Americans who died during the war, including those who perished after the unit was absorbed by the fledgling U.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Learn how your comment data is processed. I love blesss do you?

After proving himself as a wingman, he moves up to Element Leader, then Flight Leader. I saw 2 planes chasing one of mine, and I dropped down and killed the trailer, then a few seconds later the leader. The gist of it was that when No Guts, No Glory was written and circulated on an ad hoc basis around the USAF fighter community it was already going out of date.

It was a huge waste of resources. Hako Bihorac marked it as to-read Jan 20, Doctor rated it it was voots Dec 05,