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An Introduction to Differentiable Manifolds and Riemannian Geometry, Revised – 2nd Edition Editor-in-Chiefs: William Boothby. Authors: William Boothby. MA Introduction to Differential Geometry and Topology William M. Boothby, An Introduction to Differentiable Manifolds and Riemannian Geometry. Here’s my answer to this question at length. In summary, if you are looking.

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In Section 2 of Chapter 7, there is an argument on the difference between covariant derivative and Lie derivative. The process of reading the book in a continuous fashion, while certainly rewarding, has also led diffeential significant disappointment. In my opinion, the explanation of the section is not much helpful to understand the difference. I’m not done yet but went through more than half. William Boothby received his Ph.

Guillemin, V, and Pollack, A. Then, it dedicates much attention to motivate and construct the concept of a manifold M and the definition of the tangent space at a point of M this differentoal much harder to do for an abstract manifold than for a submanifold of the Euclidean space, and for the beginner, it demands a lot of training and time to master the different isomorphic disguises geomstry the tangent space can adopt.

See and discover other items: Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. I have graduate training in pure mathematics so I’m used to reading books with heavy mathematical notation, but in this book things don’t “click” for me geomtery I constantly need to go back and look again for a definition of a symbol which is often a difficult task.


Pure and Applied Mathematics Book Paperback: There are some typos and in a few places there seems to be a little messy arguments. For that, I reread the differential geometry book by do Carmo and the book on Riemannian geometry by the same author, and I am really satisfied with the two books. But overall, this chapter the seventh provides a rigourous and quick acquaintance with this vast part of geometry.

Abstract Algebra, 3rd Edition. Shankar SastryS. Mathematics Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled.

reference request – Next book in learning Differential Geometry – Mathematics Stack Exchange

The Geometry of Physics: Books in the next group focus on differential topology, doing little or no geometry. Pages with related products. Having used it as a reference for many years, I gfometry decided to read it cover to cover. There are also a few items on this web site which address the same question, some of them several years ago. Differential Geometry Dover Books on Mathematics.

References for Differential Geometry and Topology

Sign up using Email and Password. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. In Section 5 of Chapter 3, three kinds of submanifolds are introduced, namely immersed submanifolds, imbedded submanifolds, and regular submanifolds. What about do Carmo’s “Riemannian Geometry” which is, in some sense, a sequel? Read more Read less. From the Back Cover Differentiable manifolds and the differential geometrry integral calculus of their associated structures, feometry as vectors, tensors, and differential forms are of great importance in many areas of mathematics and its differentiao.

My aim is to reach to graduate level to do research, but articles are not only too advanced to study after Carmo’s book, but also I don’t think that they are readable by just studying Carmo’s book at all for a self-learner like me.


Hi AlphaE, I read Boothby’s book that’s where I first learnt about differentiable manifolds ; I thought it was quite a well-written book. It took me about four weeks to read almost the whole book without studying anything else. It has become an essential introduction to the subject for mathematics students, engineers, physicists, and economists who need to diffeerential how to apply these vital methods.

MA 562 Introduction to Differential Geometry and Topology

BoothbyWilliam Munger Boothby. But I was not so satisfied with its logical rigor. Spivak’s book, Calculus on Manifolds, is a famous book about calculus on manifolds. In recent years, it has turned out that knot theory is unexpectedly related to quantum field theory in physics.

In addition to teaching at Washington University, he taught courses in subjects related to this text at the University of Cordoba Argentinathe University of Strasbourg Franceand the University of Perugia Italy.

I don’t mean that they should follow every detail of proofs of theorems, but I mean that they should follow what the author is trying to say. The treatment is elegant and efficient. To understand the difference between imbedded and regular submanifolds, you need to know some basic topology.

Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces:

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