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THE Bombay Land Revenue Code, Bom. Act No. V of [a]. [17th My (As Amended and modified upto 1st June 19S3) An Aot to consolidate and . In section 48 of the Bombay Land ~ccenue Code, , as in force in rhc Uonr, . This Bill seeks to amend the Bombay Land Revenue Code, , as in lorce. The Bombay land revenue code, as amended upto date with explanatory and critical notes, exhaustive commentary, summary of land revenue rules, govt.

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One of 17th March to enhance the assessment for the year ia insufficient Bahiru v. National Company Law Tribunal. Darbar Shri Surajmalji, 6 Bom.

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The constitutional validity of the aforesaid Band blown by the wind or a mass of shingle suddenly flung up after a storm, or new land left bare by a receding sea or a diverted river is not alluvion but derelict land. Hence, a payment of land revenue by a person of property belonging to [a-a] Words repealed by Bom.

On the basis Of the aforesaid observation made by the Supreme Court it is submitted that under S.

The right of Govern- ment to such trees shall not be deemed to have been conceded, except by clear and express words to that effect. The Gujarat State And Ors. The permanency of the tenancy and the fixfcy of the rent are distinct, and codr latter may be the subject of agreemant without touching the former Raghunath r.


Act VI of Gagandas v.

The Collector hears appeals from Survey Officers below grade of Superintendent of Survey under s 37 2and read with sectionthis also gives him appellate power in respect of section 50 A of the District Municipal Act.

Not to oe concerned in the re- venue.

This is now provided for in the new sub-sec. Kanchanbhai Kanbhai Tadvi v. The effect of the kabulyat can, however, be destroyed by fur- ther evidence on the part of a tenant.

The District Inspector of Land Records his power to order measurement on the application of parties and to levy feas for it.

Duties of heads oj offices in respect of securities. Suit to recover possession of land Limitation. Exemption from distraint and sale Railway Claims Tribunal 0.

Full text of “The Bombay Land Revenue Manual”

Special Head Karkuns for payment of Military pensions The Collector will delegate by name the power to write off irr ecoverable re- venne upto Rs. Income Tax Appellate Tribunal. Search this index Full-text Catalog. Gordhandas Mohanlal, 33 Bom. Tenancy forty years Old. The landlord has the right by usage, agreement or otherwise to enhance the rent in the case of a permanent tenant ir yasacharyn v.


The E-mail message field is required. If another co-owner wishes to take advantage of a. In this Act, unless cods be some- Interpretation clause, thing repugnant in the subject or con- text: An application under Sec. Register of mutations and register of disputed cases. The Amending Act VI of by adding this section makes it competent to Government to publish a declaration that the occupancy or interest of the occupant shall coe, after the declaration, be transferable without the previous sanction of the Collector.

Full-text searching is available within public or private collectionsand within individual items. It must also be written by a village Accountant without fee.

When compulsory process shall cease. The present practice of using metal seals for all purposes should continue G.

Government lands as well as the provisions of the Land Revenue CodeRules and prevailing orders in that regard.