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Theobald Boehm: Grande Polonaise for flute and piano, Op 16 – Play streams in full or download MP3 from Classical Archives (), the. Work Title, Polonaise for Flute and Piano, Op Alternative. Title, Grande Polonaise pour la Flûte avec accompagnement de Pianoforte. Œuvre Composer. Sheet Music for Flute & Piano (A-B) by Boehm, T, Grand Polonaise Op. 16, Published: Gerard Billaudot [GB], Editor: Heriche, Robert, Not Applicable.

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T. Boehm: Grand Polonaise for Flute and Piano

Novalis was searching for more vitality, intimacy and mysticism in the ecclesiastical way of thinking: In Souffle, ‘soffio’ is the unifying element. Camus is a very popular player of the flute in Paris [ Required competition music lists, sign-ups and more information can be found at Texas Flute All Star.

It is one of his few chamber-music works for a wind instrument. The 37 numbered works with just Opus 15 still lost show a fascinating chronology of flute history. Due to the various timbres of the wind instruments, the melodic pattern is more easily followed than in the original. It is probably the most played and most successful of Boehm’s eight variation works.

The short Romantic work, La Serenata, for flute and piano or orchestraenjoyed great popularity in the nineteenth century. Opera, however, became his most important musical domain for the remaining three decades of his life.

He was principal flute there from Born in Munich inBoehm was the son of a jeweller, and worked in the family business from the age of The piano part is also eminently suitable for the harp. Read more product reviews.


With its theatrical introduction, its frequent dialogues, as tlute as its buffo character, the sonata has, despite the limited thematic material and the simple form, assumed its own modest place in the flute literature.

Unlike the first two movements, in the third movement the flute and the piano engage in an incisive dialogue.

Given this success, it is perhaps surprising that only a handful of his works are well known today. Goffredo Petrassi – Souffle The solo piece for flute, alto flute and piccolo one playerSouffle, was written in All applicants must sign up and submit their recording by December 1, The concerto comprises three movements which merge into each other.

So it came about that Marianna Pezzoli-Grattaroli, a well-to-do lady of the Bergamo high social circles, became Donizetti’s benefactor around November 6, No Comments by Peter Westbrook.

Wooden Flute Cleaning Rod. English by Rien de Reede, corrected by G.

Boehm Grand Polonaise Flute Part PDF

She also helped Donizetti to avoid military service. There have been no reviews. The use of the oboe d’amore is in this context by no means coincidental. Two years later, his teacher, Johann Granc Kapeller, declared he had taught him all he could, and Boehm began his orchestral career, first with the Royal Isartortheaters and, from with the Royal Court Orchestra in Munich, which was one of the leading orchestras of the time.

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This is a demanding work, both in technique and in musicality, and is regularly used as a core recital and competition piece around the world. This site requires JavaScript to function properly. George Enescu – Cantabile et Presto for flute and piano Cantabile et Presto for flute and piano by the Rumanian composer George Enescu may make just claim to being French hrand. The suffering expressed in the last sentence may reflect Diepenbrock’s sorrow at the relationship his wife had with the composer Matthijs Vermeulen.


Yamaha Plastic Flute Cleaning Rod. It maintains this status in the fllute movement. The most important distinction between the two, however, is that the chaconne is composed on a continuously repeated bass theme of usually four or eight bars; in the passacaille only the rhythm of this often a minim followed by a crotchet is retained.

Here he demonstrated a talent for his work, and developed skills which would be invaluable in his later work as a flute maker. His flutes demonstrate the highest quality craftsmanship, and around instruments made polonsise Boehm and his associates still exist today.

Program notes

Erwin Schulhoff – Concertino for flute, viola and double bass Schulhoff’s own description of this piece is worth reading: These are demanding works, both in terms of duration many of them are over ten minutes long and technique, and are stylistically aligned with the salon music that was popular at the time.

Add a personal message. Joseph Hartmann Stuntz had been a student of Peter von Winter and Antonio Salieri and therefore had benefited from a solid education in composition.