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REVIEW: Blood Lines by Eileen Wilks Dear Ms. Wilks: Bloodlines is a hodgepodge of science fiction, western mythology and eastern. World of the Lupi series by Eileen Wilks. Blood Lines (–Book #3) by Eileen Wilks Reading order list: Reading order for WotL books | eileenwilks. com. Buy a cheap copy of Blood Lines book by Eileen Wilks. FBI agent Cynna Weaver teams up with sorcerer Cullen Seabourne to help identify elected officials who.

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Member feedback about Eilern Season: I will give the next book a try and see if Cynna and Cullen have enough juice to sustain a story of their own. There was a scene where Cynna was trapped inside a demon. Plans, too, for the sidhe who killed him some three millennia ago.

Why did Michael and Molly choose him? A lot ends up happening. Didn’t really care about it.

I absolutely love Cynna’s take on Cul 3. Eileen Wilks, with her action-packed books, full of romance and magic, has been just the thing for me this summer.

World of the Lupi series

The first half of the book was very easy to put down, and I wasn’t rushing to pick it up again. A Leidolf clan member was with him at the time and died protecting him, so Rule and Lily have to go to Leidolf clanhome for a memorial, as well as the naming of the new heir because Leidolf’s heir was also attacked the same night, but was not as lucky.

Rule is having difficulty remaining in his human form, and he also misses the other Lily who gave herself in order to save Rule, Cullen, Cynna, and the real Lily. I like the characters in this series — Rule and Lily both circle a few tropes but manage to avoid them. FBI agent Cynna Weaver teams up with sorcerer Cullen Seabourne to help identify elected officials who have accepted demonic pacts.


They carry the stench of death magic, which makes the murders a federal crime. Unfortunately there was no intamacy between Rule and Lily in this book, Eileen Wilks reserved that for Cullen and Cynna. Add in a healthy dose of magic, demons and evil beings and Lily Yu is in a world of trouble! Sometimes it is nice to have a new perspective in a series. There is a suggestion of Madame Yu and Li Qin being lovers but it is only a suggestion — they love each other but it could be platonic or romantic.

Will Rule have to spend significant time in Virginia from now on? During the interesting exposition scenes — which are fascinating — the tense pacing screeches to a grinding halt. On the one hand that makes it tougher to go into a lot of detail in the review, but it also conveniently illustrates how thoroughly I was immersed in the events of Blood Lines. Makes for a rather unbalanced view, considering lupi are thought to be so much better equipped than regular humans.

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Eileen Wilks – Book Series In Order

Her mother was a drunk and her father abandoned his family. Writers are always finding ways around thet old, I’m on the pill, so, there is no way in hell that I’m pregnant? I really liked delving more into the packs, their histories, and how it wilsk works.

Member feedback about Serotonin—norepinephrine—dopamine reuptake inhibitor: She’s also in a cross-cultural relationship I like Rule and Lily well enough, Cynna also ok but not a fan of Cullen at the moment.

Cullen and Cynna play very small part together but I’m guessing what they managed to eilern in this book will play a huge role in one of the instalments. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Plot introduction When two world-class cynics land in a world where magic is commonplace, lying is an artform, and night never ends, their only way home lies in working together to find a missing medallion sought by powerful beings who would do anything to claim it.


Blood Lines

Apr 29, Milda Page Runner rated it really liked it Shelves: The world in ‘The World of the Lupi’ is more like Anita Blake’s world–shapeshifters have come out of the closet and are in the process of gaining full citizenship, Wiccan covens are a magical thing, and the FBI employs people who can tell what your elleen is with a touch. I thought that was awesome. Pacing for this installment was really an issue as there seemed to be quite a bit of backstory and a bit of exposition for each step that was being taken When I read a series as quickly as I’ve been doing with this one, the plots in each book start to blur together and it all becomes just one big story arc in my mind.

Second, we have werewolf politics.

Retrieved from ” http: Oh, they are, of course, seemingly different on the surface. Lily doesn’t play the main role in this release, but she is still the focus of those who want her abilities and will do anything to get her.

Cynna’s previous mentor Jiri’s wild multi-dimensional ride seem to take everyone along whether they want to go or not.