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Welcome to this humble tutorial. The ultimate goal of these chapters will be to create a fully working arcade game emulation coded entirely in Blitzmax. It’s not written as a BlitzBasic → BlitzMax tutorial. My aim is to give anyone the opportunity to get a good start in learning the fantastic BlitzMax. This is the start of a fairly ambitious series of tutorials on how to write 2D games using BlitzMax. The first part is a Getting Started part where I’ll be introducing.

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What is a Type now? There is a nice long thread in the BlitzMax forum here and a really good explanation of fixed rate logic in games can be found on Gaffer’s Blog.

Adding Collision Posted May 08 Part 7: I think your main goal should be to understand programming concepts, so the language shouldn’t really matter as long as it doesn’t hinder your learning process. Blitz3D is very powerfull, you can code a scene with a spinning cube in just 10lines.

Top down shooter tutorial with BlitzMax

By nizaryos Started Wednesday at In the next line we create a new TCoordinate that is placed on the current mouse pointer position retrieved by calling MouseX and MouseY. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing paragraph, 2DGamecreators. Not very much surprising – we have two TCoordinate fields to store the current and the last position of a game element and the same for the angle. Create an account for your GameDev Portfolio and participate in the largest developer community in the games industry.


After reading the tutorial for several times now proof reading while adding new content I detected what was nagging me blitzamx the time. There is an interesting thread over on the IGDA forums about what college students should learn in college to prepare them for jobs in the game industry.

Learning 2D Game Programming With BlitzMax

Int ‘ do we use delta spike suppression? Your first command in any BlitzMax game you code should be SuperStrict SuperStrict forces you to declare all variables in your game with their type and also declare the return type of all methods and functions in your game.

OpenGL I write game Snake. This means that every instance of TCoordinate has it’s own x and y position and it’s own angle it is targeting at.

Top down shooter tutorial with BlitzMax

By default all fields that take a type like TImagethe BlitzMax type for images are initialized with Null. I’ve just added a new part to the basic framework series: I have a question, though – if this tutrial the right place to ask – I’m up to “part 2 – introducing a basic game framework”. Because different computers have different speeds older ones are generally slower than the newest high end quad core machines this main loop would run at different speeds too.

So we can compare against it. That does make sense because the subclasses know best what to update and what to render. Also rotating an image uses the hot spot as the rotation position.


Or you can code your own. By Gnollrunner Started December The Render method is even simpler: Finally, when the new position is reached time is up for a new update phase and we’ll start all over again. I seriously doubt I will be able to cover all topics and even the topics that I tutlrial to cover will take several months years?

This is basically correct. A function can have zero to many parameters, not only two as in my example.

Int Method Update fixedRate: The modules Chapter 4: So placing it at the center of the image helps us to properly place our player at the center of the screen and smoothly rotate the player turret around it’s center and not around blitamax top left corner. Let’s continue with the declaration of the Tplayer type, making it an extension of the TGameElement type. It allows us to smooth the tweening value a bit to avoid spikes that may arise while other background processes on your PC start or terminate while playing the game.

These are really good, you should continue on with them. You were probably looking in the wrong spot; check the python.

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