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This manual will familiarize you with the assembly, operation, and The patented BeerGun® is the lowest foaming and lowest oxygen pickup filler on the market them or have any questions, contact your retailer or Blichmann Engineering™. The Blichmann Beer Gun is one such device; I recently acquired one and once First up, heed the warnings on the instructions–the beer gun is not designed to. In this video I set up my Blichmann bottle filler beer gun. There are of course instructions, the filler itself, beer line, and a cleaning brush is all you get with the.

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Vince Feminella July 1, at 7: Adding The Second Gas Line provided my first installation surprise when I tried to remove the existing shut off valve from the Co2 gauge. It will clear the head space and get rid of some of the air.

Once it gets here, which will happen quickly, stop. I am currently using the standard bottling wand and blicchmann works great at 5 PSI but as I said I loose a ton of CO2 out of my keg in the process. The beer gun I received was already assembled when I opened the box. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Get Our Updates By Email. I bought insfructions basic kid that comes with the filter, beer line, and cleaning brush.

A bench vise was needed to hold the gauge body from turning as I applied a good deal of torque needed to unscrew the shut off valve from the gauge body.

Purge your bottles of oxygen prior to filling with a blast of CO2 into the bottle not an option in the standard, gravity-bottling approach. A Bench Vise Makes Instructioons Changes Much Easier I was fortunate enough to find a spare gas line shut off valve beer parts cabinet and I used that to screw into the wye for the second gas line.


How To Use The Blichmann Beer Gun Bottle Filler

For this you will need to take a small flat head screwdriver and ibstructions gently give it a little twist and you can pop it right off. I run a mild solution of OxiClean FREE and warm water through the beer line to the gun followed by a warm water only rinse before storing it away.

I chose for my installation to run a new 10 foot length of gas line from the Co2 gauge through the refrigerator wall and to put a swivel connector on the end. Then tilt the bottle upward as you fill, let the foam flow out the top and stop quickly.

How To Use The Blichmann Beer Gun Bottle Filler

Hi Mike, Thanks for your comment. Bring the gun all the way down to the bottom of the bottle. When I received my gun I found that the main tube and connectors were already assembled and I could skip over the pages that explained how that part of the assembly should be done. That it, it actually goes back pretty quickly with some practice. The colder the whole system is, the more CO2 stays in solution. I would consider this completely taken apart. It does work great if you want to fill bottles.

I decided I did not need all the extra parts, since I have what I need already. As I tightened both shut off valves into the wye fitting I made sure they were both squarely aligned with each other, this was done mainly for aesthetics to make the installation look as neat as possible.

  JRC4560 PDF

instrucitons Robert Sherrill June 30, at At this point, use the CO2 button to displace the air. They do make an optional accessory kit, which I thought I purchased but apparently I did not.

How To Bottle With The Blichmann Beer Gun – Cidersage

The instructions are adequate for these purposes. Posted by Vince Feminella at They say not too much so you can easily pull it off. Next I carefully threaded both shut off valves into the wye fitting and tightened them snugly. The new gas line supplies the Co2 to the gun that it then uses to purge air out of the bottles before they’re filled with beer. Comment Name Email Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Bottle a portion of your batch, leaving the rest available on draft. I love my Blichmann beer gun and use it mostly to bottle beers off my legs for competitions. The second line would then be used to push Co2 to the gun for purging the bottles and when the gun wasn’t in use the second line could be used to carbonate or serve a second keg of beer that was in the refrigerator.

In this video I set up my Blichmann bottle filler beer gun. I opted not to get the accessory kit; instead I picked up the rest of what I would need separately.

I also find this the most convenient way to full growlers. Approximate times in the video are noted for reference.