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Blavatsky’s masterwork on theosophy, covering cosmic, planetary, and human evolution, as well as science, religion, and mythology. Based on the Stanzas of. Resumo de A Doutrina Secreta – Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. Milhares de resumos em um só lugar. A Doutrina Secreta Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. 15 likes. Book.

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Reminiscências de H.P. Blavatsky e de A Doutrina Secreta

They were effectively mindless and senseless…and soulless in fact. We are — them.

doutrnia Carla Guiomar marked it as to-read Sep 03, How could man leave any trace at a stage when he could not press himself diutrina the clay or be caught by soft lava or masses of volcanic dust? Here, and nowhere else, are to be found men and women of every race living together, being governed together, attacking nature and the problems of life together, and bringing forth children who combine, each one, two races. Such is thy Karma, the Karma of the cycle of thy births, the destiny of those who, in their pain and sorrow, are born along with thee, rejoice and weep from life to life, chained to thy previous actions.

And, therefore, being of such a composition that he left no impression upon mud or plastic rock, the death of one astral body after another left no fossil and no mark to be unearthed by us in company with the very beasts and birds which were his contemporaries.

Resumo de A Doutrina Secreta – Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

It is the seething and bubbling of the older races in the refining-pot, and the slow coming up of the material for the new race.

Return to Book Page. To it also will emigrate and settle all those who shall be fortunate enough to escape the general disaster. Roland Greatwitch marked it as to-read Zecreta 14, One therefore has to decide which of the two, if either of them at all, is likely to be the most trustworthy and reliable in its assertions.


The 6th of anything will correspond to Buddhi and the 7th to Atma.

Just as Lemuria was destroyed by fire, Atlantis was destroyed by water, our cherished country and European continent will one day be destroyed dlutrina cataclysmic operations of the fire element again and so on. When this new sort of body and mind are generated — then other monads, or our own again, will animate them and paint upon the screen of time the pictures ofyears ago.

The famous Easter Island statues were the work of some of the last Lemurians and are of the same height as those last — and gradually shrunken in height — Lemurians would have been. How did the human race begin on this 4th globe at the start of this 4th Round…and when was it for a start?

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What we have to realise and remember is that we ARE Them. Paperbackpages.

In fact everything up to that point had been involution more than evolution, the descent from the most ethereal and spiritual, such as in the 1st Race, down to the lowest and most material possible point in the middle of the 4th Race.

Blavatsky emphasises this, saying on p. The Third Eye — in the back of the head, that we mentioned earlier — started to become petrified and eventually disappeared completely, being withdrawn inside the head, where it remains to this day as the small organ known as bavatsky Pineal Gland which when awakened from its dormancy still has the power to produce genuine spiritual vision and accurate, even infallible, clairvoyant insight.

But such is Karma. The beings of each planet — and Theosophy says that each planet has its own beings — pass on together from globe to globe of their own planetary chain in an extremely slow and gradual but nevertheless definite and cyclic process of inner unfoldment and advancement.


Aa Earth is the child — and in a sense, the reincarnation — of secrets Moon. The distinctions doktrina described refer to the physical bodily type and not to the indwelling soul.

Human Evolution in The Secret Doctrine – T H E O S O P H Y

Although they had individual bodies they were not real Individuals in any sense of the term. In our case evolution is currently active and proceeding on the physical globe of our Earth Chain so our sight and perceptions are confined doturina to the physical material plane which is why we only currently see the physical material globes of the other planetary chains.

Every great Continent and Root Race must eventually come to an end, under Cyclic and Karmic Law, being destroyed alternately by fire and water. For those who may want to read more about this, the main reference is in Vol. There is one eternal Law seceeta nature, one that always tends to adjust contraries and to produce final harmony.

Human Evolution in The Secret Doctrine

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Mankind will not grow again into giant bodies as in the case of the Lemurians and the Atlanteans; because while the evolution of the Fourth race led the latter down to the very bottom of materiality in its physical development, the present Race is on its ascending arc; and the Sixth will be rapidly growing out of its bonds of matter, and even of flesh.

They are — ourselves.