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Jan 11, As for Mortimer, he too is trying, albeit for more humanist reasons, to revive certain aspects of Septimus’s work – to Blake’s extreme concern. May 19, It’s been several months since the events of The Yellow M, but the evil of Professor Septimus still echoes around London. Important figures of. Les aventures de Blake et Mortimer d’aprés les personnages d’ Edgar P. Jacobs: Dufaux, Aubin, Schréder – Tome 22 – L’Onde Septimus by ftabarrini in blake.

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Feb 12, Veronique rated it really liked it Shelves: At Bedlam Hospice, Blake and Mortimer discover that the Blanks Major and his team are immersed in a frenzy as they prepare for enemy attack. In spite of the judge’s objections, Kendall insists on staying the blale at the Calvin residence as a precaution.

Meeting Blake at the Centaur Club, Mortimer is also introduced to some of its regulars: At 10 Downing StreetPrime Minister tells Captain Blqke that the mysterious craft, Orpheus, was discovered by Major Blanks team during the last war and that its existence is kept secret in order to be studied by scientists.

The faces go from being inexpressive to poorly seprimus Therefore, the expectations couldn’t be higher, and the extracts revealed by Dargaud confirmed that this adventure would be a real treasure in every aspect.


The Septimus Wave, a review of a failed dream – The Adventures of Blake and Mortimer

The Sept This is the twentieth book in the also long-running Blake and Mortimer series. This sepptimus a Star Trek plot in a Blake and Mortimer book. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Paola rated it it was ok Mar 21, Superlayo rated it liked it Jan 09, He can even see what the subject sees through a TV screen—the subject’s eyes acting as cameras relating to the brain which passes the images on to the Telecephaloscope. On the way Septimus feels uneasy and calls a taxi, leaving Vernay alone.

With bake this, I finally come to a conclusion. Books by Jean Dufaux. La tavola corretta rispetto la descrizione sarebbe quella di pagina 34, invece viene riportata quella di pagina Meanwhile, Mortimer is at the archives of the Daily Mail where, with the help of Mr Stone the archivist, he is conducting his own research into the affair. The solution to this? Want to Read saving…. Olrik after he disappeared at the end of The Yellow ‘M’ even if you didn’t really need an explanation.

After the departure of the professor, the machine returns alone on and Nasir sees a disturbing shape emerge. Seguito non septijus de “Il Marchio Giallo”. Apr 01, Bernard Convert rated it did not like it. But what is really deplorable, incomprehensible, sad, is the script. Blake and Mortimer by Edgar P.

Blake & Mortimer Vol. 20: The Septimus Wave

sepimus Neil Thomas rated it really liked it Jul 14, As he and the policemen search the area, their train suddenly collides with the Harwich Express and is derailed. The tramp begins to recite a litany Mortimer recognized as one Septimus was telling his victims. Mortimer reads through the complex book and something in it makes him realise that Blake is in terrible danger.


It’s clearly a trap, but Blake elects to go anyway with Kendall and the police providing discreet support. Macomber, Calvin, Vernay and Septimus were all involved in the court proceedings and Thornley suddenly died of apoplexy when he lost the case.

L’Onde Septimus

Buoyed by these visions, Olrik tries to escape but Miss Sing is waiting outside to present him to lieutenant McFarlane. You might also like: James Thornley, the publisher, instigated libel action against scathing press articles attacking the book and its conclusions.

This Franco-Belgian comics —related article is a stub. Kindle Edition66 pages. Tous ces tomes semblaient dignes des plus grandes heures d’Edgard P Jacobs.

Blanks told them he sent two of his men to abandoned hangars King’s Cross to find a mysterious machine.