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A new design for a bladeless turbine could eliminate the threat of wind farms to wildlife, and speed the adoption of wind power. Bladeless wind turbines are less efficient than conventional wind turbines, but multiple bladeless wind turbines can be installed in the same. Vortex Bladeless Ltd. is a Spanish tech startup that is developing a multi- patented new kind of wind turbine without blades nor gears or shafts. The Vortex’s wind.

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How it works? – Vortex Wind Turbine in a Nutshell

The alternator transforms mechanical energy into electricity. Keep up the good work!! Just anxious to get a system maybe 2 or if the price is right …. This could translate into creating 2.

Juris Kibilds Posted at Benjamin Posted bladelees Gary Henderson Posted at Thanks to this phenomenon the device is able to oscillate with a little movement which needs no lubricants and won’t disturb wildlife. We believe ours could work the same although it may be not as stable as with regular wind turbines since our oscillation depends on the vortex shedding phenomena that happen around wnd not because of the wind striking the device itself.

There are many fields regarding efficiency in which we can improve a lot our technology. Subscribe now for unlimited online access. The outer cylinder is designed to be largely rigid and has the ability to vibrate, remaining anchored to the bottom rod. In other words, it is a wind turbine which is not actually a turbine. Eric Posted at Lightweight, blaveless raw materials.


A Unique Design Enables Bladeless Wind Turbines to Harness Energy

Retrieved from ” https: Unlimited online access including all articles, multimedia, and more The Download newsletter with top tech stories delivered daily to your inbox. Hi Vortex, I like very much what you folks are doing: The wind flow tjrbine a cyclical pattern of vortices, which can become an engineering challenge for slender structures, such as towers, masts and chimneys.

Eagerly waiting for your first commercial vortex blade and if it could be available in India as well.

On this phase, the company won the “Seal of Excellence” of the H programme. Anyway, lamps that are able to generate winr is an idea with lots of possibilities!

Of course we have thought about this. Do you wwind to know more about bladeless wind turbines? Thanks to be very lightweight and to have the gravity center close to the ground, anchoring or foundation requirements have been reduced significantly compared to regular turbines, easing installation.

I wonder wheather it can make power in the water,and what is different between in the water and in air. It is perfect to be placed near a house or over the roof. More info about this will be announced soon!


You can read an study about cost-effectiveness for bladeless turbines here. The more effective the manufacture, the lower the price. The computer-aided engineering CA E modelsenabled engineers to predict the movementof Vortex Bladeless with different wind intensities. I will appreciate your reply. This technology under development is more similar in features to solar power than to regular wind powerdesigned for self-production and distributed energy off the grid on low consumption systems.

Get involved in the project! Do you have a unit ready for market. On this point the company faced many problems due to the lack of feasible industrial processes to mass-produce some of the pieces that use Vortex technology.

Bladeless Wind Turbines May Offer More Form Than Function

This is very well thought-out! Send this to blaseless friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. John Doyle Posted at Hi, I am living in the Netherlands.

It would have cost a lot more because we would have needed many more prototypes.