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SRI RAMAKRISHNA PARAMHANSA -A SHORT BIOGRAPHY – Sri Ramakrishna [ ] was born in the village of Kamarpukur, 70 miles. Born in a rural Bengal village in India, Sri Ramakrishna was the fourth of five children . and the Erotic in the Life and Teachings of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Ramakrishna Paramhansa was one of the leading Hindu spiritual leaders in 19th century Bengal, nay entire India, Ramakrishna Paramhansa was born as.

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Ramakrishna taught that jatra jiv tatra Shiv wherever there is a living being, there is Shiva. Under the tutelage of the Bhairavi, Ramakrishna also learnt Kundalini Yoga. On a basic level, Ramakrishna saw this system as a corrupt form of European social organisation that forced educated men to be servants not only to their bosses at the office but also to their wives at pqramahamsa.

He was unable to attend to any external duties, he suffered from sleeplessness, and burning sensations throughout his body. They hoped that biographu would turn bikgraphy mind away from his Ideal World. He even experienced vision of a radiant white bearded man.

Mahendralal Sarkar, were engaged. His legacy did not end with his death in ; his most prominent disciple Swami Vivekananda carried on his teachings and philosophy to the world through Ramakrishna Mission.

Sri Ramakrishna Biography

This became the first Math or monastery of the disciples who consistuted the first Ramakrishna Order. Ramakrishna was a teacher of popular appeal, speaking in rustic Bengali, freely using stories and parables.

According to Sri Ramakrishna, madhura bhava is practised to root out the idea of sex, which is seen as an impediment in spiritual life. This was the turning point of his godly life.


Ramakrishna was born as the fourth and ramakrishhna child to his parents. His next duty was to attend to the daily worship of his household God Raghuvir. But with time, his health started deteriorating and he was taken to a large house at Cossipore. University of Chicago Press,p.

Later an Advaita Vedantin ascetic taught him non-dual meditation, under whom Ramakrishna experienced Nirvikalpa Samadhi. She represents an immense variety of religious and human emotions, from the most primitive to the highest forms, and therefore has a symbolic universality not easily contained within traditional religious forms.

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa: Life and Work

His tryst with Christianity came much later, inwhen a devotee read The Bible to him and he got immersed in the thoughts of Christ. Jacksonp. His spiritual movement indirectly aided nationalism, as it rejected caste distinctions and religious prejudices. Although Ramakrishna attended a village school with some biograpgy for 12 years, [16] he later rejected the traditional schooling saying that he was not interested in a “bread-winning education”.

He was a force of revival to re-energise the decaying Hinduism in nineteenth century Bengal. He had wide popular appeal, speaking ramakrshna rustic Bengali, making use of many stories and parables. Sri Ramakrishna would listen to these men with rapt attention. So a scholar doing translation can easily intentionally distort meanings by looking at a long list of possible definitions and choose the most lurid and sexually-oriented interpretation. Those who followed the Vedic prescription of religious universalism summed up in the phrase “There is but one Truth, but sages call it by different names” noted that Ramakrishna practiced the rituals of many religions, and found that they all brought him to the same divine reality in the end.



However, the Indian mind tends to more readily accept someone like Ramakrishna who preaches universality of religion and accepts and even promotes individuality in the seeker’s approach to God. He would serve wandering monks who stopped in Kamarpukur on their way to Puri and listen to their religious debates with rapt attention.

After the death of their master, the monastic disciples lead by Vivekananda formed a fellowship at a half-ruined house at Baranagar near the river Ganga, with the financial assistance of the householder disciples. Spiritual maturity When Ramakrishna was twenty-eight his emotional confusion eased, and he began to study a wide variety of traditional religious teachings. From a very young age, Gadadhar was religiously inclined and he would experience episodes of spiritual ecstasy from everyday incidents.

Fourth, the author has been shown to have difficulty understanding the nuances of the Bengali culture in general as well as the Bengali language in which Ramakrishna’s biographical texts are written.

He reportedly became so absorbed by this scene that he lost outward consciousness and experienced indescribable joy in that state. Psychoanalysis is a highly interactive process, and analysis of textual data cannot begin to approximate the complex and detailed information provided by the one-on-one relationship that develops between patient and analyst.

And what I saw was an infinite shoreless sea of light; a sea that was consciousness.