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Album: Bidrohi (Kazi Nozrul Islam Er Kobita); Artist: Kazi Sabyasachi. 4. Bidrohi. Album: Bidrohi Namo Namo Namo Bangla Desh Mamo. Album: Amar Sonar. music_noteChords for Bangla Kobita | Bidrohi | Kazi nazrul islam | Recitation by Azizul Islam | Serader sera. Diagram Slider. Chord Sheet. O:OO. view_carousel. Detailed information about the coin 10 Taka (“Bidrohi”), Bangladesh, with pictures and collection and swap management: mintage, descriptions, metal, weight.

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I am the eternal-child, the adolescent of all times, I am the shy village maiden frightened by her own budding youth.

Golam Mustafa

I am the conclusion, I am the darkest salvation. I am in breasts of a widow as her sobs and sighs. I clasp the blazing wings of the Christian consul. I sit in inferno of hell and klbita like an innocent flower. I am the great gobbler of the twelve suns during the great cataclysm. I am Bedouin, I am Chenghiz.

I bjdrohi the cruel axe of the fundamental man. I am the cane flute of the Hindu universal lover. Bidrohi, by Kazi Nazrul Islam Translation: I am the creation, I am destruction, I am habituation, I am crematorium. I am creation, I am destruction, I am habitation, I am the grave-yard, I am the end, the end of night!


Indiaculturemusic. Sudden-kiss-hidden-shivers, I am the trembling- quivering frail first touch of a woman. I am ascetic, the musician. Only when the battle fields are cleared of jingling bloody sabres Shall I, weary of struggles, rest in bidrrohi, I the great rebel. I suddenly discovered myself, unchained are my chains.

Kobita: Bidrohi Abritti: Golam Mustafa

I am the night ,obita, I am dark dramatist, I am mystic strain. I am an eccentric ascetic and a disciple of a great saint. I am the eternal child, youth forever.

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Bidrohi (poem) – Wikipedia

Permissions beyond the scope of this CC license may be available here. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I am the nidrohi fear, I am curse of the universe. I am tyrant ruler, for slaughter I am ever restless.

Looking at my head Is cast down the great Himalayan peak! I defy all rules, all laws and chains.


Kazi Sabyasachi

I am the musical instrument of the destroyer, the staff of the upholder of the truth. I am eternally wild, arrogant, and barbarian. Say, Valiant, Ever high is my head! I am the unutterable grief, I am the trembling first touch of the virgin, I am the throbbing ten, I am the wild fire of the woods, I am Hell’s mad terrific sea of wrath!

I am the conflagration, shall burn the entire planet. Kazi Nazrul Islam portal. I am, in this world, eternally unconquerable. I am cascading desert stream, I am soothing shadowy tone.

I am the sudden glance of secret lover who by deception meets for moments. I am northern blizzard, fading fire, saddened eastern breeze. I am God of gods, the eternal truth. I am poignant agitation, caper and dance. When the battlefields do not echo the jingles of warring sabres.

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