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The Bicycle Wheel is a treatise on wheelbuilding by Jobst Brandt. Overview[edit]. The Bicycle Wheel is an educational book that explains the structural theory of. This is the 3rd Edition of Jobst Brandt’s classic work, a necessary reference for any aspiring wheel builder and a handsome addition to any cycling lover’s library . Tributes have been paid from all quarters of the world cycling community to engineer and author of The Bicycle Wheel Jobst Brandt, who has.

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I would like to know what Brandt thinks of these. In the wherl of the ” radial ” cross 0 pattern, the spokes go straight out from the hub without crossing at all.

Spokes come in straight-gauge or swaged butted styles. This is undesirable, because a tight match between the spoke diameter at the elbow and the diameter of the flange hole is crucial to resisting fatigue -related breakage.

The Bicycle Wheel – Jobst Brandt – Google Books

The only one that doesn’t the rim overloading method described in Finding the Right Tension in Part II is explicitly stated as not being applicable to mountain bike wheels, and alternative methods are given. Also, I don’t think that the Ford wheel is half-radial wueel quite the same reason as a bicycle wheel. Randy rated it it was amazing Mar 16, Many hub manufacturers specifically recommend against radial spoking for this reason, and will not honor warranties on hubs that have been spoked radially.

Use the rim hole that jobxt on the same side as the flange you are working from. For example, the Rohloff Speedhub has 32 spoke holes, but is usually laced cross 2.

I plan to learn from my failures, but now I don’t have to with wheel building: Brass washers are best. John Forester’s article Held Up by Downward Pull describes wheel theory in the light of some interesting experiments Forester conducted, and busts the myth that the wheel hangs from the spokes at the top.

This spoke goes through the rim 4 holes away from the key spokewith 3 empty holes in between, not counting the valve hole. Otherwise a solid place to start despite the sometimes lofting lingo necessitated by wheel theory. The book is made up of three parts. Now that I had some experience, I wanted hints on how to make my wheels even better. Dec 17, Jim rated it really liked it Shelves: It should look like bicyce Thanks for telling us about the problem. As you proceed, keep checking all 4 of these factors, and keep working on whichever is worse at the moment.

  ASTM D4637 PDF

For more details on this method, see John Allen’s article: Better hubs have thick flanges and spoke holes flared like the bell of a trumpet, to support brandr elbows of the spokes, though this is not essential — aluminum is softer than steel, and the spokes will bed themselves into it.

It you want information on whimsical patterns such as the crow’s footet. You’ll learn the parts of the wheel and how they work in concert to make one of the most misunderstood and gloriously simple parts of everyday life.

Why build wheels?

At the end of this stage, the wheel will have all 18 of the trailing spokes in place. Leading a motley crew of co-contributing fellow investigators, Jobst fleshed out the true nature of the tensioned wheel and recorded the details for all of us.

This volume answers bradnt such as: It clearly shows in the book, although not necessarily in the reproduction shown here which side of the flanges the spoke heads bicyclee on, which side of the hub is the drive side the side with the threadswhich spokes cross which other ones, and the offset of the spoke holes in the rim.

If you are lucky, it will already be fairly true, but don’t be surprised if it wheeo way off. Unfortunately, they turned out to be prone to breakage, and I can’t recommend them. Because the nipples point straight inward from the rim, they can turn more easily in most rims than when they are bent to a slight angle by a semi-tangent spoke pattern.

The Bicycle Wheel by Jobst Brandt

Now you are ready to put the wheel into the truing stand. The key spoke will be a trailing spoke, freewheel side.

In the rim, there will be two spokes, two empty holes, two spokes, two empty holes Modern, high quality spokes and nipples have more precisely-machined threads, however, and now there is actually a possibility of getting them too tight, causing rim failure.


With some rims, the spoke hole just forward of jobsg valve hole is offset to the left, with others it is offset to the right as illustrated. Once there begins to be a little bit of tension on the wheel, you should start bringing it into shape. Hang the bicycle from a hook or ropes, or place it on a work stand so the wheel you are truing is off the ground, and the rim passes between the seatstays or fork blades at eye height.

Apr 05, Josh Dalzell rated it really liked it Recommends it for: For example, if you’re building a 32 spoke wheel, just:. He bfandt the front brake and pushed down on a pedal with his foot. I’d also direct your attention to: The spokes then attach at the lower layer, closer to the hub, and the upper layer has holes large enough to allow insertion of the nipple heads or a screwdriver.

Next, put another spoke through the hub two brndt away from the key spokeso that there is one empty hole between them on the hub flange. With some rims, the rim seam is thicker than other parts of the rim, so you may need to loosen up the two spokes closest to the seam usually opposite from the valve hole a couple of turns.

Rim tape too wide. Jobst Brandt, former Porsche engineer has helped me build wheels that remain round even under the enormous strain of carrying my giant body around for no particularly good reason.

The Bicycle Wheel

The instructions above are whele on a normal cross 3 pattern. The true contribution for the new wheel builder is to build conventional wheels exceptionally well. However, like many of the better graphs in Tufte’s book, it needs some explanation, and I felt that the explanation given in the book below isn’t enough. He also suffered brain injury.