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Traditionally assigned to Bharata, a legendary sage, Natya Shastra is one among the famous trio of India, the other two being Kautalya’s Artha. Natya was then taught by God Brahma to the mythic sage Bharata, who is said to have recorded this teaching in the Natyashastra. The origin of the book is thus. The Nātya Shastra (Nātyaśāstra नाट्य शास्त्र) of Bharata is the It is attributed to the muni (sage) Bharata and is believed to have been.

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Special directions are also given regarding different kinds of loving and pining heroes. He tells us also about how and what distance the judges should be seated. When a character on stage is in love, the sentiment of love is the ruling and continuing emotional state or stahyibhava manifested by the actor.

The concept of beauty in Indian tradition is, therefore, conceived and presented as the experience of delight at a higher level of consciousness. In other projects Wikisource. Drishtaphala [visible fruits] like banners or material rewards do not indicate success of a play production. The more was the work revered and obeyed, the quicker was it lost.

The audience essentially enjoys the play, but is also instructed by observing both good and bad actions, and the motivations which inspire them. There is no scenery in Indian dance, although there….

Internet URLs are the best. In some tradition the actor wears standard make-up and a standard costume regardless of what role he or she is acting, while in some traditions there are clear role types with their characteristic costumes, make-up or masks. In South-East Asia, symbolic hand gestures are also an essential feature of dance, but they did not develop into a specific gesture language.

The text has survived into the modern age in several manuscript versions, wherein the title of the chapters vary and in some cases the content of the few chapters differ.


Some passages that are composed in a prose form. The most natyq version of the text, consisting of about poetic verses, is structured into 36 chapters. Part of a series on Hindu scriptures and texts Shruti Smriti Vedas.

The text contains a set of precepts on the writing and performance of dance, music and theater, and while it primarily deals with stagecraft, it has influenced Indian musicdance, sculpture, painting and literature as well. Teaching Dance as Art in Education.


With the arrival of the British our Indian theatres underwent a dramatic change. Specific training on gestures and movements for actors, their performance and significance, are discussed in chapters 8 through 12 of the Natyashastra. From similar evidence, it is clearly later than some of the Purana and Brahmana texts.

His or her gaze must follow the hand movements, while the facial expression then gives meaning to the gesture. They are lasya and tandava.

Bharata points out that the word or text is the basis of theatre. Some theatrical styles, such as chhauemploy colourful masks Sakari Viika Many of the solo dance styles employ simple basic make-up Sakari Viika.

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Bharata refers to bhavas, the imitations of emotions that the actors perform, and the rasas emotional responses that they inspire in the audience. It is considered the defining treatise of Indian Classical Music until the thirteenth century, when the stream bifurcated into Hindustani classical music in North India and Pakistanand Carnatic classical music in South India. The Natasutras are mentioned in the text of Paninithe sage who wrote the classic on Sanskrit grammarand who is dated to about BCE.

Natya Shastra

The Natyashastra is the oldest bharrat ancient Indian work on performance arts. Amit Shah targets Gandhis over AgustaWestland chopper scam. Bharata disapproved of a…. The manifestation of love needs to be elaborated. Help us improve this article!


Bharata and his Natyashastra | | Asian Traditional Theatre & Dance

Zarrillip. The detailed Natyasastra review and commentary of Abhinavagupta mentions older Sanskrit commentaries on the text, suggesting the text was widely studied and had been influential. For an actor who is not yet perfect, the techniques described in the Natyashastraare a means to achieve perfection, enlightenment, moksha, and run parallel to reaching this state through yoga or meditation practices. Implications of Indian aesthetics for poetics and rhetoric”.

Natya Shastra – New World Encyclopedia

The Natyashastra gives four different styles of natya or stylised acting: The Rasa theory of Natyashastra has attracted scholarly interest in communication studies for its insights into developing texts and performances outside the Indian culture.

The Natyashastra defines drama in verse 6. Make-up, costumes and other paraphernalia, Bharata believes, help to communicate the play to the audience. The eight basic bhavas emotions are: Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. It is love or hate at first sight. Obeying Brahma, Bharata began teaching his work and thereby popularised it in the world. Legend has it that Brahma, the Creator, was once requested by the gods for entertainment for the eyes and the ears of all the people.

This article about an Indian writer or poet is a stub. The work provides the basic source of information on the intricacies of Indian theatre. If it is compared with the traditional Western acting technique, the natya differs from it in one particular aspect. The artist repeats and chisels this imagery by giving it concrete shape through stone, sound, line or movement.