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Download the Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Manual, Amn Survival Guide · Download the Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Manual, Mastering Melee &. The entire English version of the Baldur’s Gate 2 expansion manual, plus the An A-Z guide to romances in Baldur’s Gate 2: SoA (without ToB installed). the first game and are described in this manual. How Baldur’s Gate Uses .. the end of the game! Note: You will be able to surpass this cap in Baldur’s Gate 2.

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Nevertheless, with conventional Traps, your best bet would be to use them as fall-back devices. Most of the thief’s power is conditional; it relies on backstabbing and traps, not on the brute force power of a Horrid Wilting cast in the midst of a swarm of Drow. If somehow you don’t need these items, well, a Swashbuckler is almost better than a Wizard Slayer mnual every single way.

Sorcerer’s Place – Baldur’s Gate 2 Tips, Tricks & Hints

Thieves are also good targets simply because they are terribly annoying Bioware stocks most of them with invisibility potions, and some have insanely high attacks per round so that they can backstab you eagerly if you give them a chance.

And for you, the reader, if you managed to read through all my ramblings, I hope you enjoy the work I put into this guide, because I myself enjoyed every second of it.

SoA without ToB installed. Fighter types who haven’t upgraded their Bladesinger, maybe. However, there are a few important notes, generally in tandem with backstabbing, that you probably want to know. The reason you’re a thief is for the thief skills anyway, right?

In addition, because enemies are effectively no longer there, you can take the time you bought to Hide your thieves, set more Traps Spike, Exploding, Normal, whateveror just better prepare your characters for battle. Spells for half and propels victims away like a Dragon’s Wing Buffetregardless of save. Which is a pity since Rogues are potentially the most versatile and powerful class in the game. For some people, the additional fighting prowess of the Swashbuckler makes up for it, but for me, backstabbing ultimately becomes a much more powerful tool.


Wizard Slayer [] Abilities: Enrage also makes him immune to level drain. Since you probably only want to use a few weapons, stay a fighter long enough to max out potential HP and get specialized in those weapons.

Can only wear up to Studded Leather Armor and Bucklers. Pasir Ris, Nanual Age: Fortunately for gameplay purposes, the seven trap per area limit now sort of forces players into using traps into actual devious uses, although the average player does nothing more than use them to advance-eliminate Manuual and Liches and other large, initially neutral or initially not present creatures. In addition, enemies must Save vs.

Although, clerical magic manua, mesh as well with a thief as normal magic. Seeking Sword has limited application to the thief since rarely do you want mannual thief to go out and tank it with enemies and you won’t be a Swashbuckler maual give you any THAC0 bonuses or the like. Unless you’ve really been skimping magic, your mages should easily be able to cover any spell needs. But now, three years after Baldur’s Gate II and six years after Baldur’s Gate started it all as of this writingI finally can conclude it: One of the people selling items at the beginning of Bgg2 Keep.

Baldur’s Gate II Throne Of Bhaal [Manual]

Deals out damage and slows if Save vs. For benchmark, I’ll use the individual experience levels necessary to obtain each level of a normal thief, and compare them to what other thief variants have at those experience levels. Staff of Striking Where: Nothing more needs to be said, only to go and play the game once more.

First it covers romances in general, then specific NPC profiles, major NPC variables this is a bit more advancedall romance dialogue options, illegal issues and more. Many people use otb to cheat give themselves free items or unlimited strongholdsbut I use it to fix the extra HP bug if I forget to do the proper steps during character creation.


If you aim it right, you can Maze a vast majority of the enemies and greatly simplify your life. However, this is ignoring the fact that you have to invest MUCH time and 10, Gold in the first place.

From bugs, to potential cheesy exploits, strategy, information and descriptions of arcane and divine spells, mwnual you will find it all. As you can see, normal traps do rock incredibly. From backstabbing to casting times, dragons, golems, hell bonuses, hitpoints, Kangaxx, NPC disputes, romances and more.

May use Enrage ability once per day per 4 levels. Furthermore, taxing your people is finite; after all the miniquests, you can’t push your people just to make them happy at a later date.

Off the body of one of the super-mages in the area you can only access with a Rouge Stone in the Bridge District. So even if the thief can’t use Full Plate Mail, he’ll be able to more than compensate for that. Mainly backstabbers and probably trappers. Level 16 Special Trap: While other variants may have a good early growth, anything beyond Shadows of Amn Throne of Bhaaltheir consistent rate of 2 HP gain eventually surpasses the much slower HP, if larger, gain that multiclasses enjoy or suffer.

Generally, these creatures can’t be backstabbed as well, but in the case of Kuo-Toas, it’s possible, but you have to distract them so they don’t keep turning around.

Golem Manual | Baldur’s Gate Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

tov Kill him quickly and you can get some invisibility potions. For fighter-types, this means an extra hand while fighting tough enemies especially when trying to disrupt enemy mages or eat through their Stoneskins.

You’d think such a simple thing like this Bioware would actually tell you. A great supplementary weapon for interesting backstab possibilities.