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BF BF CASE , STYLE 21 TO (TOAA) AM/FM TRANSISTORS NPIM SILICON MAXIMUM RATINGS Rating Collector-Emitter Voltage. BF from Texas Instruments High-Performance Analog. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. Buy online BF Silicon NPN ad Siemens BF datasheet. instant price and availability check.

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The end, and definitely not a happy one. Identifies the transistor pin configuration 1, 2, 3, Base, Emitter, Collector 2.

MSP in Service Manuals.

Transistor Database

WatthourOct 28, Do not bake Make a medium thick gravy with flour, shortening, and juices in which the crow has cooked and let cool. Most test conditions are presented with set values for the components.

ECG was started by Sylvania in If you read the manufacturers data sheets on the transistors you’ll see the HFE can be all over the place. Place second pie dough crust over top.

Most likely scenario, they’ll blow up when you crank it up playing your favorite song one day, and take your speakers down with them. Here are a few links i found on Google. Posts posted by hotwaterwizard Prev 12 13 14 15 16 17 datsaheet 19 20 21 22 Next Page 17 of Does it have a lovely smooth finish?


It’s life is unpredictable, but evidence is that it will outlast the other components in the circuit. Crow Pie 1 crow stuffing of your choice salt and pepper shortening flour 2 Pie crust mixes hard-boiled eggs Stuff the crow. It is only in the search Database but the Datasheet can not be found. Sarge – The in the tuner section may be better left alone.

BF 데이터시트(PDF) – Siemens Semiconductor Group

The fakes are always green, and always with the 6F code. Your bf2555 option is KSA, which is a fine one. Let me backup a bit and say that I ordered the A transistors from Mouser. SargentRickoOct 29, WE6COct 26, Log in or Sign up. But I think that the higher the Beta on the transistor the better the amplification.

When I ordered these transistors from FuturlecI ordered 2SAthey don’t give you any options for the digits that follow that part number, and as it turned out I got a GR6F. No big deal, I will just install these transistors with the flat side in the opposite direction. Links to Home Depot.


Remove meat from bones and set aside. Identifies ddatasheet transistor type: ZOOMOct 29, I see on my Tuner Board Parts list that I have two of them.

SargentRickoOct 24, Prepare pie crusts as directed. Try it yourself you can find many more. Wrong beta, should be higher. Sorry to come off so strong but it bothers me when people make comments and say it took a few seconds on Google but, the Datasheet is nowhere to be found.

(Datasheet) BF pdf – NPN Silicon Transistor (1-page)

datashet ECG was acquired later by Philips. The Gain is much higher than I expected, and better than the one I pulled out. Here is another related link.