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The full name for the book known as Beyond Counting by James Grosjean is actually Beyond Counting: Exploiting Casino Games from Blackjack to Video Poker. James Grosjean is a gambling expert and author best known for his book Beyond Counting: Exploiting Casino Games from Blackjack to Video Poker. 6 Aug Grosjean Beyond Counting. Hi Folks – if you were ever interested in obtaining a copy please visit the no reserve eBay auction.

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I’ve even mentioned Grosjean’s name here once or twice. Jul 9, However, while studying his interest in blackjack continued to grow and he started regularly travelling to Las Vegas to play.

From here Grosjean went on to seek out edges in all sorts of casino games. I’ve also heard that since that publication, you’d be hard pressed and you’d travel a heck of a lot before finding a vulnerable setup. As a result, a player can track clumps of cards throughout the shuffle and therefore gain an edge. Reading some of his freely available papers and articles online, Grosjean has a unique and well informed overview of gambling in general, and his writing style is dry and witty which I find is always appropriate for the subject of gambling.

The new edition is now available: A healthy chunk of the book has nothing to do with deep math, and is comprised of Grosjean’s sometimes politically incorrect, but incredibly deep writing and views on everything to do with gambling he even points out where speed traps are during your drive to popular casinos, the fines for which could erase any expected profit at the tables Grosjean is well known in the gambling community for his legal victories over two major casinos and an investigative agency they employ.


The book is apparently good for casino rats who will move around a lot and may have more opportunities than someone standing still.

James Grosjean: Beyond Counting – Champion Bets

Random thoughts, a huge glossary of terms, blackjack basic strategy, useful statistical principles for gamblers, random number generators, etc. This is an excellent treatment of groskean play, including mathematical analyses of the proper plays, the costs of misplays, the overall advantage, etc. At this stage he was still using basic blackjack strategies.

While most consider a roulette wheel to be countign balanced, the reality is that many likely contain some type of mechanical bias. The edge was now significantly in favour of the player.

James Grosjean

In addition to providing brilliant analysis, Grosjean writes well. He looked for them in grosjeean that are traditionally avoided by advantage gamblers such as roulette. I think for a lot of owners, including me, it is a show-off book.

Grosjean discusses myriad legal and illegal methods of beating these games based on many factors. Grosjean discusses innumerable psychological factors of the game that I believe all serious players should read. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification.

Beyond Counting | eBay

This had been happening to advantage players and card counters for years in Las Vegas and Grosjean had enough. This page was created in 0. James Grosjean is a gambling expert and author best known for his book Beyond Counting: Given his mathematical prowess, Grosjean went on to receive a scholarship to Harvard.

Boy, I love math, but it’s been a while since I had to think about equations like he groxjean about His latest book, Exhibit CAA: The book is a series of beyohd and analyses, divided into nine sections: This page was last edited on 15 Octoberat James Grosjean is planning a second, longer edition soon, but it will be made counging only to a select list of players.


He became a professional player while studying as a graduate student at the University of Chicago ‘s Department of Economics. Ed Thorp did the introduction of this second edition. November 11th, at Some of the strategies coynting book touches on include: November 11th, at 1: The book outlines a range of different casino games and legal ways in which a player can gain an edge or, at the very least, break even.

Before rgosjean the pair were approached by security guards. In that respect you won’t be disappointed. InGrosjean was inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

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Beyond Counting

He is witty and an elegant stylist. Sure enough he quickly beat counying of his friends and soon no one would play against him. But, it is good that he published the math, so if people are suspecious, the formulas can be reviewed. May 22, Threads: Goes beyond the work of Uston and Wong. Oct 14, Threads: Please help by adding reliable sources. Jul 18, Threads: Early on it was Mahjong that got him interested, not only in games themselves but also in the maths behind them.