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Wicked Burn Beth Kery When I started Wicked Burn, despite the well written sex scenes that nearly singed my eyebrows, I thought that it was. He wanted all of her Vic Savian knows what he wants when he sees it. And what he wants is his sexy neighbor, Niall Chandler. When he finds her in. Wicked Burn. Beth Kery. Buy This Book. I’m generally not a huge fan of erotic romance, but Wicked Burn is a page turner with smokin’ hot love.

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The only thing I want to complain about was the seemingly rushed ending.

Wicked Burn — All About Romance

Make Me Say It. Plus she also had previously informed him that she needed to tell him something regarding her past but asks for more time. He wanted all of her? Af Wow, this book certainly packs a wallop! Vic, of course by this time knowing in detail Niall’s tragedy, says he’s sorry for his ugly behavior but although Vic internally realizes his love for Niall and I could be wrong even after a second look throughhe never voices it.

We learn her 4 year old son was gunned down in front of her, and her husband fell apart mentally, and he had to be put in an institution.

Wicked Burn by Beth Kery

Niall, a curator at an art museum, is astonished at how she reacted with Vic. Instead, when I finally thought that Niall had had enough of Vic’s abuse and found the will to walk away, what does she do? You can’t berh but become so connected to the characters and their stuggles.


I knew it was going to happen from very early on. Vic Savian, is a playwright, who is best described as self involved.

Wicked Burn

So in an effort to be honest I have to say that ‘Wicked Burn’ is not my favorite novel. If you’re not a fan of graphic sex scenes, this isn’t the book for you.

Niall’s crumbled and heartbreaking expression at Vic’s untimely realization of her marriage, warranted some further digging on Vic’s part. Which is a total relief to Niall because she really thought her body had died three years ago, but Vic brought her back to iwcked for a time.

And what he wants is his sexy neighbor, Niall Chandler. His to Command 3: One of the hottest things I’ve ever read. Vic is a sparse and brutally honest man. As a reader, Begh have a serious aversion to the heroine going after the hero in general and even more so when the situation should definitely be the other way around.

Slowly coming to terms with not only her son’s death but with the guilt and her husband’s accusations that it should have been her that died, Niall has done her best to put her life back together over the last three and half years.

Now, she can’t seem to get enough of Vic–or the uninhibited passion he stirs Betn wanted all of her It’s this betrayal that makes Vic refuse to become close enough to a woman where she has the power to once again break his heart. And I loved reading how the relationship grew and changed. Considering everything she had lost wicied years prior, I’d have loved to read whether she ever regained some of that with Vic.


They end up having super HOT amazing sex. Jenny and I didn’t like his explanation for that one at all. They continue to find one another and indulge in their carnal needs while never really defining what’s happening between them. He ran so hot and cold that I really lost respect for Wickef for putting up with it.

Iery that though, it completely went in another direction and it almost became a straight contemporary romance with some good steamy sex scenes!! The Soldier’s Baby Bargain. Those things give the book a very raw, edgy feel, though. There was light bondage, spanking, anal, toys, panty-ripping, against doors, and a scene with pearls that had me jumping my husband’s bones.

He can see she’s keru dem I have mixed feeling about this one. This book even had me turning on the light at 6am while my boyfriend was having a shower a time where I usually get an extra 15 minutes of shut eye. Ratings and Reviews 5 41 star ratings 5 reviews.

Over the next few days they’re thrown together and continue with their no-strings attached sexual interludes. Since then, her life has been a hollow shell as she tried to deal with everything that happened.