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The God Theory by Bernard Haisch. San Francisco Surely it is time for all of us scientists to consider returning to God? If reading that first line. John said: In his “God Theory” book, Haisch takes issue with “reductionism”. Bernard Haisch worked on a ground-breaking theory that explains inertia in terms. The God Theory: Universes, Zero-Point Fields, and What’s Behind It All (Book, ) by Bernard Haisch. $ Hardcover. Red Wheel/Weiser imprints include .

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To wit, Newton was right — there is a God — and wrong — this is not merely a material world. It embodies a way out of our global dilemma and so I offer it for your consideration. Another mass-like view lies outside an object and offers external resistance that has the same influence as the current definition of mass. Just getting started, but it is clearly a refreshing work that attempts to discuss both science and theology, in the same breath!!

The physical universe and the beings that inhabit it are the conscious creation of a God whose purpose is to experience his own magnificence in the living consciousness of his creation. It fails to resolve basic paradoxes — like why bad things happen to good people, and why some are born into privilege and some into starvation and misery.

Scientists must resist the temptation to explain away evidence like neardeath experiences, simply because they contradict the reductionist paradigm. As an astrophysicist, I am partial to observations: The book would have been a lot better without all the sweeping biases, though.

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May 09, Rachel Stirrup rated it really liked it Shelves: He also hisch for ten years as an editor of the Astrophysical Journal. Haisch appears to support the idea of reincarnation without much detail to argue his position in a rational way. A little further he writes: Return to Book Page. Community Saloon bar To do list What is going on?


It happened that I’ve started reading two books somehow in same time – bot are related to the same topics: Can you have faith in Einstein, Darwin and God? Reductionists will not be convinced by his straightforward assertions on this topic, and I think there is much more material he could have drawn on such as R.

I asked the speaker, “why did you make no mention of quantum mechanics in your talk? A remarkable discovery has emerged in astrophysics: It is a fascinating hajsch, and one that has some interesting spiritual connotations, which Haisch draws out in this fantastic work of scientific theology.

I would read this mo A rather short book that combines the authors spiritual beliefs with his theory of the Quantum Zero Point Field. Vod thought Haisch’s opinions on the nature of the Universe were well thought out, as well as his discussion on what ‘The God Theory’ means for morality and how to live life.

The God Theory: Universes, Zero-Point Fields and What’s Behind It All

God exists in each of us In order to create our vision and material constructs, we extract reds, greens, blues etc out of the white light just as a prism does. Lots of interesting ideas here. The book is int This was an interesting if not entirely fulfilling read, I know the clue is in the title but this really is only a theory.

In this book he attempts to rectify the pull of his belief in a higher power and an intelligent designer of the universe with the mainstream view of the physics community that all life in the universe is a quirk of fate. Haisch is certainly a qualified and capable physicist, and his general theme that science and faith are not mutually exclusive was refreshing.


Bernard Haisch – Wikipedia

In The God Theory, Bernard Haisch thr both these worldviews and proposes a theory that provides purpose for our lives while at the same time being completely consistent with everything we have discovered about the universe and life on Earth. The book definitely had some interesting stuff in haiech, but I felt more like this was a book about a man who was raised Christian and went to seminary school for a year trying to justify all the contradictions between what religion teaches and what science has discovered.

In a discussion group that I meet with once each week, we have just finished a book titled, The Universe from Nothing. To wit, Newton was right – there is a God – and wrong – this is not merely a material world. Sperry’s work to make a stronger case for this central assertion. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Please help by adding reliable sources. Retrieved from ” https: I love this passage from the book: Reductionists, who unfortunately represent the majority view of science today, may be comfortable in a limited scientific-spiritual dialogue, but only if the spirituality is reduced in the true spirit of reductionism!