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Introduction. Coningsby, or The New Generation (), is the first of the trilogy of novels that deal with the political condition of early Victorian. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Coningsby, by Benjamin Disraeli This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions. Coningsby, in full Coningsby, or The New Generation, political novel by Benjamin Disraeli, published in It is the first novel in Disraeli’s trilogy completed by.

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It was a pretty room adorned with a fine picture of the chase; at a round table in the centre sat two ladies interested in the meal to which Rigby had alluded.

But we are the creatures of circumstances; at least the Rigby race particularly. Madame Colonna, indeed, gave such gratifying accounts of her dear young friend, that Coningsby became daily a greater favourite with Lord Monmouth, who cherished the idea that his grandson had inherited not merely the colour of his eyes, but something of his shrewd and fearless spirit. Impudently usurping the name of that party of which nationality, and therefore universality, is the essence, these dizraeli made Exclusion the principle of their political constitution, and Restriction the genius of their commercial code.

The shouts of Vere called us, and we arrived to find the bodies of Millbank and Coningsby apparently lifeless, for Millbank was quite gone, and Coningsby had swooned on landing.

Tadpole and Taper were great friends. By an Embryo, MP. If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login. But if the peers have ceased to be magnificoes, may it not also happen that the Sovereign may cease to be a Doge?

The rest of us were opposed; but after Millbank and Vere had gone about ten minutes, Coningsby, who was very fresh, said he had changed his mind and should go and bathe too.


Meanwhile, Flora is becoming more withdrawn and is unable to sing so frequently. Of this union, in every respect unhappy, the Princess Lucretia was the sole offspring. But if the Ministry and Parliament of had announced that the time had arrived when the Third Estate should be enlarged and reconstructed, they would have occupied an intelligible position; and if, instead of simplicity of elements in its reconstruction, they had sought, on the contrary, various and varying materials which would have neutralised the painful predominance of any particular interest in the new scheme, and prevented those banded jealousies which have been its consequences, the nation would have found itself in a secure condition.

Coningsby, or, The New Generation

Lord Monmouth resided almost constantly abroad, and during his rare visits to England had found no time or inclination to see the orphan, with whom he felt no sympathy. But just at this moment, an increased stir and excitement were evident in the Long Walk; the circle round Sedgwick opened, and there appeared Henry Sydney and Buckhurst.

But public journalists who were under the control of the ministry, and whose statements were never contradicted, were not the sole authorities for this prevailing belief.

The road from Eton to Salt Hill was clogged with carriages; the broad fields as far as eye could range were covered with human beings.

Shirley was besieged, you know, in the civil wars; and the rebels got infernally licked. Rigby was a member of the House of Commons. We love you already.

Conservative Partyin the United Kingdom, a political party whose guiding principles include the promotion of private property and enterprise, the maintenance of a strong military, and the preservation of traditional cultural values and institutions. Ormsby, touched by a pensive reminiscence. On one hand it was maintained, that, under the old system, the people were virtually represented; while on the other, it was triumphantly urged, that if the principle be conceded, the people should not be virtually, but actually, represented.


The book was written — as was soon revealed — by a nineteen-year old precocious author, William Northwho later became a minor writer and satirist.

When we recall Mr. He was just the animal that Lord Monmouth wanted, for Lord Monmouth always looked upon human nature with the callous eye of a jockey.

The political agitation which for a year and a half had shaken England to its centre, received, if possible, an increase to its intensity and virulence, when it was known, in the early part of the month of May,that the Prime Minister had tendered his resignation to the King, which resignation had been graciously accepted. It was impossible benjamij suspense could be strained to a higher pitch. At any rate, given my placement in the historical spectrum, it’d be rather hypocritical of me to adopt this racial purity business for one thing, I wouldn’t exist if it still existed.

Conignsby rated it really liked it Oct 13, Not that any dislike of Millbank prompted him to this reserve.

Coningsby / Benjamin Disraeli

I will tell you all in a moment, but we want to keep the thing quiet, and so let the fellows disperse, and we will talk afterwards. In a word, Millbank was respected by those among whom he lived; and school-boys scan character more nicely than men suppose. We should, however, be labouring under a very erroneous impression. They talked over the exploits of the morning; canvassed the merits of the competitors, marked the fellow whose play or whose stroke was improving; glanced at another, whose promise had disgaeli been fulfilled; discussed the pretensions, and adjudged the palm.

All were in high spirits. In the course of two or three hours these gentlemen met again in the green drawing-room of Monmouth House.

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