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VX ULTRA-VOICE®. PRO. High-performance mic preamplifier/voice processor No part of this manual may be reproduced or. Version December ULTRA-VOICE ® ENGLISH VX User’s Manual ULTRA-VOICE VX SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. The microphone preamp Behringer VX Ultra-Voice Pro is not only a high- quality preamplifier but a full voice-orientated signal processor, including.

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The gate can also be used to process pulse-type sounds e. The appliance should not be used near water e.

Unfortunately, it was after that things start to go wrong. At ease everywhere, quickly set, cheap you get what you pay even a little more. I have no action at Behringer, but honestly, I do not see why everyone gets on their products!

Based on the conditions herein, the buyer may also choose to use the online registration option via the Internet www. Care should be taken so that objects do not fall and liquids are not spilled into the enclosure through openings. Now go to effects: For example, the appliance should not be situated on a bed, sofa rug, or similar surface that may block the ventilation openings: Since I do affects more and I made marks on the camera because I change my settings it again cata Those who relied on the manual to complement the long winter evenings will be for expenses: We are often asked how we manage to produce such high-grade devices at such unbelievably low prices.


Behringer Ultra-Voice VX Manuals

The lower this value, the more sibilance is removed. Vx200 a result, you get signals of the highest quality, as there is no insertion into a mixing console which deteriorates the audio.

Be sure to set the direct level on the reverb unit to zero to process the wet signal only. I referrer that choice easily. Manal also meant a lot of work and night shifts to accomplish this goal. Shipments without freight prepaid will not be accepted.

By using it to feed my condenser mics, it works perfectly well but do not ask him more. Outwardly this preamp has a very pro with air too many of knobs and LED. The automatic servo-function recognizes the presence of unbalanced connectors and adjusts the nominal level internally to avoid level differences between the input and output signals 6-dB correction. Blown fuses may only be replaced by fuses of the same type and rating. This signal is pre-de-esser. The power cord of the appliance should be unplugged from the outlet when left unused for a long period of time.

All of this will enable you to fully unfold your creativity without being hampered by budget constraints.

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Many satisfied customers mean large sales volumes enabling us to get better conditions of purchase for components, etc. Please use the enclosed power cord to connect the unit to the mains. However, be sure to keep the wanted signal unaffected, when the gate cuts off the signals once they have dropped below the 5.


In this way, unwanted signals are removed from the reverb signal only, but not from the wanted signal. Our members also liked: It is a rack-mount model. If it lights permanently or you can hear audible distortion, you should reduce the input level with the GAIN control. Once the settings to the point, the sound of your condenser mic is very clean, and all without any breath.

Do as described below: You can use the expander to eliminate interference from other instruments recorded e.

Behringer Ultra-Voice VX2000 Manuals

Everything else is turned off. I then reworked the whole Plugz with audio. Please read the manual carefully and keep it for future reference.

The safety and operating instructions should be retained for future reference. The gate function should therefore be applied to single signals only, so as to avoid affecting the entire recording. The dynamics of soft passages below that level remain unprocessed. Check the microphone for its optimum position and the room acoustics for compliance with the sound you wish to achieve.

The answer is quite simple: First, you need to identify the frequency range containing unwanted signals: The only functions that I beringer on this unit are: