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Thinker with the components, experiment with the magnets, coil, batteries, transistor etc. Bedini already masters all these variables thus don’t expect a miracle. Beautiful NEW Bedini SSG Bicycle Wheel Energizer Monopole Motor Kit comes with full wound coil and 7 transistor circuit with matched components fully tested. Animation of the Bedini `SSG´ Circuit. The Bedini “Simple School Girl´s” circuit is so named because it was constructed by Shawnee Baughman.

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Only after we notice two different kinds of energies involved in the process can we carefully distinguish and manipulate them for practical advantages in powering various loads. Save On Home Energy. Howard Johnson magnetic motor. Rumkorf Coil induction wsg. View some of our other articles: Thinker and learn from it. Now measure the power in joules or watt-sec that you took out of the secondary battery. John Bedini made this and many more ingenious devices, check his websitethe energeticforum.

I have the primary output connected to two old Ah golf cart batteries. Piezo rochelle salt crystal. Our status and that of any identified contributors as the authors of material on our site must always be acknowledged.


Single coil Bedini motor charging 4 batteries w no current increase

They also provide additional references to related theory and advancement beyond this starting point. Last resort, try lumber yard or hardware store. We are looking to see what happens to the charging battery. Schauberger vortex in a bottle. Materials List The following is a list of materials that may be necessary to replicate the Bedini School Girl circuit and motor as presented in this guide. Then read the ampmeter.

The better shape the back battery is the better it will take the charge and that’s the ONLY thing we are after in this experiment. But the 10ohm resistor for this test, will expedite the load testing, and will not throw the results off significantly.

They started to charge up happily. Only an insignificant amount of conventional charging could take place with the arrangement in the schematic circuit diagram. These works are protected by copyright laws and treaties around the world. Thus organized, it may not take the new student more than a day to learn the essential details and build as directed.


Bedini Motors: Bedini `SSG´ Circuit

John designed the circuit himself to make sure that it is built correctly and will perform the same as his. Copyright Truth In Heart, permission not granted to copy this material on other web pages. The red dot is where I connected the extra diode. The secondary negative terminal should be hooked to the primary positive. This bedii why we emphasize following instructions and progressing naturally.

The moving magnetic lines of force provided by the spinning magnet top cuts the turns of the coil and thus induces a current in the coil. See the diagram below. There is a great temptation to use different parts because they are on hand, or to try and improve upon the system.

George December 11, Reply. When this desire takes the form of a blinding passion, it hinders proper scientific research and prevents one from learning how to get it. Culver City Industrial Hardware See Resistance specifications page.