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Items , Märklin Start up – Uncoupler Track (Entkupplungsgleis (Märklin Start up)), Manual. , Flex Track (Flexibles Gleis), Manual. , Curved. Manual de control, maniobra y conducción de Märklin Anexo. Anexo. Número keyboard. Número decoder. Dirección. Central. Station. Microinterruptor en “on”. 1. What is the difference between Märklin digital and DELTA? What is a ), which makes a digital jib crane from the conventional jib crane. The change takes Anleitung entweder selbst herstellen oder über die Firma.

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Hi Kumarvartak, I know it is a few years after your post, but I have a manual for the train if you still want one – I am just in the process of scanning my manuals since they are old and getting a bit fragile.

Beneath you find a copy of the old explosion drawing and manual bedieungsanleitung the old In German this loco is called a “Tenderlokomotive”. During the first world war the British delivered their new armoured vehicles in crates labelled “Tanks” to confuse any enemy observer into thinking they were transporting water tanks. Very interesting information to me.


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You cannot post new topics in this forum. Yumgui attached the following image s: Thanks for your prompt reply, I checked the sites suggested by you, The service manuals deal with digital locomotive the locomotives I have are all analog and more than 50 years old. So I can proof its nickname in Germany: I have the leaflets for my other locomotives like the TM and the CM They are all running OK, but I do want service them at regular intervals.

You cannot post new topics in this forum. Welcome Tim, nice that you have found us at last Yum File Attachment s:. Will bbe very useful.

A tank is a container for nedienungsanleitung water or other liquids. THis number is on the front of the engine. Under this button you find the actual manual 77051 this article. Yes, Sorry I realised this after posting although Kumar did request specific manuals further down in the list of posts. A tank for me in German is a container only for keeping water or other liquids. Marklin Instructions and service sheets – Instructuions in English for Locomotives.

If your M track is rusted Hi Mark, no problem. Forum Active Topics Login Register.

So it ended up as TEEWolf. DON’T throw it out! You can find most of that stuff on the Marklin USA website, in their technical pages.


This forum has really a good software to fulfil almost all necessities to answer a group, a single person or what else. Same words, different scope of use. Here is the manual: If you have any information on the servicing and operating of the above locomotives, do let me know.

If you send me your email address, I have a pdf of the digital crane, which has the wiring details for the circuit board. When I followed the link on your post I didn’t see this manual, only the generic service manual which is very different.

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You cannot reply to topics in this forum. You cannot delete your posts in this forum. I GUESS that the 2 wires from field coil from motor 1 will go to the 2 blue tabs, and 2 wires from field coil motor 2 bedienungsaanleitung to the 2 green tabs. As a brief intro: