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Based on the BC chipset, this Bluetooth module will serve as master and slave in one unit, allowing up to 10 meters (roughly 10 yards) or wireless data. You can use this module to communicate between two microcontrollers like Arduino or communicate with any device with Bluetooth. lent Bluetooth Module, it is fully certified to Blue- Radio Chip: CSR BC Memory: 5V voltages out of the Bluetooth module when operated with a 5V host.

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Wireless Bluetooth RS TTL Transceiver Module | BTMODULE |

There are two most frequently applied Bluetooth Profiles for the general data communication between Smart Device and Bluetooth Peripheral: We can connect it directly to the Arduino RX pin.

The first thing with any new Bluetooth module is to power them up and see if they work and what bc41 they transmit. Since these modules do not have the logo nor the blue LED I presume they are copies. Slave only module Bluetooth 2. Do you have any MOQ limit for an order? At commands cannot be entered again until the connection is broken.

They advertise on BT at HC06 and connect just fine. Add to Cart Compare. HC has also relatively broad set of AT commands to inquire, set, start, or stop the connection. Ok… problem resolved kind of! Again this is standard.

This is a 3. HC Bluetooth Module Datasheet. AT command set is narrowed to bare essentials — baud rate, name, pin, and parity. I have received a few comments about HC and HC modules that use a new breakout board new to me at least.


The name password and other default parameters can be changed by entering into the. We can operate the device in either of these two modes by using the key pin as explained in the pin description.

I presume the 2 are the same module? We prefer to fulfill orders under Alibaba Trade Assurance system, since both parties will be protected. PC to prevent unauthorized pairing.

HC-06 (ZG-B23090W) Bluetooth 2.0 EDR modules

Submitted by admin on 10 March The default is They were just gluetooth. Most PCs cannot use a baud rate above and there is not way to hardware reset these modules. The Bluetooth Module does not wait for any termination character for each AT command entry. However, nothing I could do would get them into command mode.

Firstly, let us know your requirements or application. The datasheet available from the Taobao sellers is the Wavesen Chinese data sheet. EDR, up to 3Mbps Interface: Here everything the modules receives via the wired serial bletooth is sent to the connected device.

In Summary, If one product need to support iOS and Android devices simultaneously, our Bluetooth dual mode modules are the best choice. By default it is in Data mode. For this you can use our free HT Comm program. We can also help you ship the goods by air line, then you fetch the packet from your local airport ,normally it takes about days. Any serial stream from to bps can be passed seamlessly from your computer to your target.


HC-31 Bluetooth 2.0 Module -BC417

PC standard COM port hardware does not support baud rates in excess of bps. There are no additional images for this product.

Make sure you have no line endings selected. Check out our videos Follow bluwtooth on: The information on difference between HC and HC is not entirely correct. Wireless communication between two microcontrollers 2. Connection successful in Data Mode. Is it free or extra? Here AT commands can be entered via the wired serial connection.

So no surprises there. With more than year experiences in the wireless connectivity, which ensure us have the capability for providing low-risk product development, reducing system integration cost and shortening product customization cycle to thousands of diverse customer worldwide. Up to around 30 feet 10 m Sensitivity: No MOQ Limit, we welcome any client to purchase the sample for test purpose.

Next up is to see if we can talk to them bd417 AT commands. Do you accept Alibaba online orders? Not response to AT commands at all.

How to proceed an order?