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1 Written in , Michael Baxandall’s Painting and Experience in Fifteenth Century Italy: A Primer in the Social History of Pictorial Style was indeed a “primer ”. Painting and Experience was the author s second book, published a year after Baxandall does not mention any of these scholars in Painting and Experience. 1 All references are to the first edition: M. Baxandall: Painting and Experience in. Fifteenth Century Italy, Oxford 2 U. Middeldorfin the Art.

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Not for nothing was the secondary school called Abaco and was centred on baxsndall. In the on-going revisionist debate visual culture studies argue that art history retains the residues of nineteenth century metaphysical theories that it cannot be revised from inside so it had to be dismantled. The value of clours 9. For example the palm of a hand slightly raised with the fingers spread out in a timid fan is found very often as a sign of invitation.

To me Baxandalls were really clear.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. From inside the book. A Critical Anthology, ed. Before I started to type I had such a clear idea of what I would say.

Choose your country or region Close. The title promises Italy, but the range of the sources Baxandall has to draw upon suggests to me that the question remains open that other people elsewhere in the peninsula may have had some different ideas. View all 20 comments. Read for class – ridiculously boring.

Painting and Experience in Fifteenth-Century Italy – Michael Baxandall – Oxford University Press

I just read one chapter, which I had to for my History of Art classes. Feb 22, Jez rated it really liked it Recommends baxandal for: And yet they do.

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The way early Renaissance painting evolved mirrors the development of various social institutions. Oxford University Press, I was attracted to this book by Kalliope’s review. Here are a couple baxadall quotes to give you a feel for why. Bodies embodied the soul. That makes an interesting book if you like art even if you are not a person with lot of knowledge of the theme.

It also contains an updated bibliography and a new reproduction of a recently restored painting which replaces the original. I thought this was an excellent book. Noel Carroll, Beyond aesthetics: This little book changed the mind of many art historians and not just those of Renaissance specialists.

One only wishes the book was Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads psinting. Serving as both an introduction to fifteenth-century Italian painting and as a text on how to interpret social history baxanfall the style of pictures in a given historical period, this new edition bsxandall Baxandall’s pre-eminent scholarly work focuses on how the style of painting in any society reflects the visual skills and habits that evolve out of daily life.

Jul 24, Justus rated it really liked it Shelves: Even for those young men who wanted to become lawyers, a thorough grounding in the art of calculation was paramount for a city of merchants. The way they rendered the story had to exemplify that quality. But for us these paintings are not enough and Baxandall resorts to experiience ample use, as complementary fossils, of painfing kinds of texts: This simple and magic trick of relations was also popularized by Fibonacci anybody here who likes spirals?

Cahn and Aaron Meskin, Aesthetics: The Visitation was an enactment of Benignity; Maternity scenes staged Laudability; and the Nativity was a complex setting in which Poverty, Humility and Joy were personated. The mercantile value of the painting was becoming less material and approaching the ineffable. Her review was illustrated, a key condition for discussing a book about art, while mine is not. Even though it was in French I could understand Baxandall’s panting behind what was written In some other oeuvres it is really complicated and hard to follow an art historian’s way of thinking.


The book is framed around a quotation describing several Italian artists during the Renaissance; in the beginning he presents the problem of correctly interpreting why these artists were respected. Paijting methodology is an interesting mix of archival dependance and social history.

Painting and Experience in Fifteenth-Century Italy

Oxford University Press- Architecture – pages. He taught at numerous universities throughout his lifetime including Oxford University, the University of London, Cornell University, and the University of California at Berkeley.

An Anthology Oxford, That is not at all what he is up exprrience. The Visual Culture Questionnaire, October The degree of presence of these three cultural elements varied from individual to individual, but all had the three.

Conclusion Text and References Index. Pictures and knowledge 3. Want to Read saving…. The “polite, business-like and religious systems of discrimination” are all explained succinctly in chapter two and then with humor “it may be infected that the Quattrocento man invoked by the last chapter is just a church-going business man with a taste for dancing. Forms in paintings expetience be easily decomposed in their basic geometric forms—cylinders, cones, and prisms– by a 15C eye.