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Batman Confidential 18 [Fabian Nicieza] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Tales of the Batman in the past. Batman Confidential #17 and #18 tell the story of Batgirl’s first encounter with Catwoman. There isn’t a Batman to be found in these. Compare critic reviews for Batman Confidential #18 by Fabian Nicieza and Kevin Maguire, published by DC Comics.

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Fun and thrilling adventure through Gotham’s highs and lows. While not the most complex Batman story which really isn’t about Batman at allit is a very fast paced and fun read! Oct 19, David Runyon rated it really liked it.

Batman: The Cat and the Bat (Collected)

She has to fight Catwoman for it, along with a rogues gallery of Batman enemies. Fabian Nicieza confidetnial a really firm grasp sorry on the character of Batgirl, and her internal dialogue is, what I believe to be, spot on. What’s not to love? We’ll condidential you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. May 17, Hannah Givens rated it liked it Shelves: A fun book but disturbingly sexist Read the full review here.

Some authors see characters like Batgirl and Catwoman and write a story about human beings, with feelings and dignity, and stuff. The volume does gain steam as it goes along, and a solid final act keeps this out of 1-star territory This is one of those Confieential comics that you always wondered if they existed.

She is literally wearing a cat suit and nothing else. The two chase each other across the rooftops, stealing the book back from each other.

The expressions on his characters’ faces are much more expressive than is usual for the comic medium, and the way he draws women is really sexy. Awesome little caper where Catwoman steals Confiddential Gordon’s notebook from Batgirl.


Batman Confidential (2006-2011)

This story is a hoot from beginning to end. In this story, Batgirl only knows Catwoman by reputation and what Batman has said about her and what Robin has told her about their inappropriate relationship.

The inner monologue is why you read this book; everything else is just the icing on top of the cake. The story drags a little in the middle, but the finale, in which Batgirl is trapped in Arkham Asylum, is great. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Catwoman uses her sexuality or rather her comfort level with it to go where she thinks Batgirl is too demure to follow.

Seqential MInded on June 24, 3: Very funny, and the the art was superb! Apr 05, David rated it it was ok Shelves: It was great to see that up against Catwoman – everything Batgirl wants to be except on the wrong side of the law.

Sep 21, Sonic rated it really liked it. Very fun take on Catwoman meets Batgirl. Her costume is also weird, and impractical for roof jumping.


Forgive me as I parse through them. While I’m sure that will appeal to many readers, it really disappointed me, as Batgirl and Catwoman were just relegated to auxiliary characters once again. Confidenrial didn’t like the first half, but the second part was very entertaining and well written. An entertaining read, if not fantastic.

December 31, 0. Be the first to ask a question about Batman Confidential, Vol. And I’m usually all for women with muscles, but this is not the case.


They are really unattractive. The second half is way more interesting. Jan 26, Bill Williams rated it really liked it. I’m an aspiring author who just happens to also work on the web, reporting on the environmental research and science at Planetsave.

Nicieza’s #81, paired with Maguire’s art makes for a nice combination, although the facial expressions Maguire peppers throughout are the clear draw here. Basically Cat Woman steals something from Bat Girl who stole it from her dadand they spend the entire time chasing each other across Gotham.

There’s also some inner dialog from both parties that boils down to “OMG I can’t believe Batman hang I didn’t like the first half, but the second part was very entertaining and well written. She finally surrenders her cape, and with nothing but her mask for an identity, she enters in to a room full of very naked Gothamites. Not the greatest series Batman Confidential and issue 18 is really bizarre with its fight between Catwoman and Batgirl in the buff.

Hushour rated it really liked it. Let’s try to keep the focus on that. Barbara Gordon has, ahem, “borrowed” her father’s secret notebook of Police Commissioner business, and it is stolen by Catwoman before she can break the code he has used to write it.

At the end of issue 17, Batgirl was faced with a nasty dilemma: Want to Read saving….