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The result―the newest species of mammal known to science, the olinguito ( Bassaricyon neblina) (Photo by Mark Gurney). The olinguito. Genus: Bassaricyon Species: Bassaricyon neblina Taxonomic revision of the olingos (Bassaricyon), with description of a new species, the. Genus, Bassaricyon. Species, Bassaricyon neblina. Taxon author, Kristofer M. Helgen, Roland Kays, Lauren Helgen, Mirian T. N. Tsuchiya.

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Archived from the original on 24 May The species nebljna described as new in The olinguito is smaller than the other species in the genus Bassaricyon. Steller sea lion E. Northern fur seal C. Top 10 New Species of “. Crocuta Spotted hyena C.

Bassaricyon neblina – Wikispecies

For example, this female olinguito lived in various zoos in the U. Small Indian civet V.

It is the first carnivore species discovered in the Western Hemisphere in more than three decades. Small bassaricykn listed below.

There were even several occasions during the past century when the olinguito came close to being discovered but was not. On 22 May the International Institute for Species Exploration declared the olinguito as one of the “Top 10 New Species of ” among species discovered in Prionodon Banded linsang P.


Smithsonian scientists discover new carnivore: the olinguito

Because the Olinguito was new to science, it was imperative for the scientists to record every aspect of the animal. African wild dog L. While the olinguito is new to science, it is not a neblinq to people. The olinguito is found only in cloud forests of the northern Andes Mountains.

Small-toothed palm civet A. The researchers who identified the species were unable to discover any local names specific to it. Malabar large-spotted civet V. Angolan slender mongoose G.

Specimens of the species have nebliina identified from the Andean cloud forest stretching from western Colombia to Ecuadorat elevations of 5, to 9, feet, which is the highest known range of any member of the genus Bassaricyon. Molecules, morphology and the Great American Interchange”.

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Procyon Cozumel raccoon P. Hose’s palm civet D.

Masked palm civet P. Atilax Marsh mongoose A. Molina’s hog-nosed skunk C. It has large eyes and thick, woolly orange-brown fur.


The question Helgen and his team wanted to answer next was: The olinguito is so far known only from cloud forest habitats in Colombia and Ecuador, but future investigations might show that it occurs in similar habitats in other South American countries.

They learned that the Olinguito is mostly active at night, is mainly a fruit eater, rarely comes out of the trees and has one baby at a time. Taxonomic bassaricyin of the olingos Bassaricyonwith description of a new species, the Bassaricgon. The olinguito is distinct from the other species within the genuspopularly known as ” olingos “, and also from the kinkajou kinkajous resemble olingos, but are not closely related.

Family Canidae includes dogs.