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The recitation of Bashair Al Khairat is so powerful that its immense benefits can be noticed in this world, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, you will reap the benefits. Bashair al Khayrat. 1 like. Book. Bashair al Khayrat. Privacy · Terms. About. Bashair al Khayrat. Book. 1 person likes this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up. Bashair Al Khairat – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. BASHAIR UL KHAIRAT.

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Those who restrain their wrath, wa l-kazimina l-ghaiza.

Bashair-al-Khairat ~ Qurani Wazifas

They raise those who adopt them to the highest degrees, and cause them to reach the farthest goals. To whom do the veils belong? At this point, the Prophet Allah bless him and give him peace bowed down in prostration, and the sense of shame prevented him from saying anything.

Her body all consist of the most fragrant perfume, as if it were the full moon of the night of his consummation.

Basha’ir al-Khayrat |

My master, the firm support of the religion, also said: His idea will not be frustrated, and his supplication will not be rejected. That is the reward of those who are active in goodness. To whom do the heavens belong, O Muhammad?

But for him who fears the standing wa bahair khafa maqama. The only requirement is your respect and love for Allah’s Greatest Wali. Be of good cheer, O servant of Allah! If you have family members zl do not have facebook, but would like to recieve ijaazah, please kindly inform of us their names and inshaAllah it will be given.


Praise be to Allah, who has graciously endowed us with faith. Accept these invocations of blessing [salawat] from me, for I received them by way of inspiration [ilham] from Allah Exalted is Hethen I presented them to the Prophet Allah bless him and give him peace.

If someone seeks to achieve some purpose by them, he will not be turned away disappointed.

I do not waste the labor of any laborer la udiu amala amilin. Fasting during Ramadan was ordained during the second year of Hijrah.

Islam is your Birthright. And My mercy embraces all things, wa rahmati wasiat kulla shai. Then he will be given that which no eye has ever seen, of which no ear has ever heard, and which has never occurred to the heart of a human being. Glad Tidings of Good Things. To whom do the veils belong?

So he will look at Him and see Him with his eye, before his spirit departs. The ritual prayer helps to prevent inna s-salata tanha.


The third will quench his thirst with a cup from the River of Abundance [al-Kawthar]. Please remember to pray your five daily prayers and uphold the sunnah as much as possible!!!

Surely the patiently enduring will be paid their basbair innama yuwaffa s-sabiruna. Make a quick escape, O emancipated slave of Allah!

And He it is who accepts repentance wa Huwa lladhi yaqbalu t-tawbata. So he will look at Him and see Him with his eye, before his spirit departs. It is the invocation of blessing of those who perform the ritual prayer, the Quranic recitation of those who practice remembrance, the admonition of those who heed advice, and the means of access of those who seek access.


The fourth will hold in his hand a vessel of gold, filled with the fruits of the Garden of Paradise, giving him the glad tidings of a dwelling in the Garden, and saying to him: He will enter the Garden of Paradise bashari the company of the righteous forebears, and in the Garden he will be given forty domes of white silver.

Such are the rightly guided. We should all aim to help each other reach Jannah Paradise. And give good tidings to the humble, wa bashshiri l-mukhbitin: Forty doorways of mercy will be opened for him, and the like thereof of light. The information presented here is copyright of Al-Baz Publishing, Inc. B ut whoever pardons and makes amends, fa-man afa wa aslaha. This invocation of blessing is given to no one but the perfect righteous man, for it is perfect in its qualities, endowed with gracious favor.

To whom does the Pedestal [Kursi] belong, O Muhammad? It is the invocation of bashaiir of the glorious Quran, and I have called it Bashair al-Khairat.