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Tranquility, the acclaimed third novel by Hungarian Attila Bartis, is simultaneously a private psychodrama and a portrait of the end of the Communist era. Nyugalom Poster. In a large apartment in Hungary during the death throes of Writers: Róbert Alföldi (screenplay), Attila Bartis (novel) | 2 more credits».

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My neighbor Randy owns the only bookstore in our city.

I was often finding myself attilq deeply into the emotion of the main character, the author who is dealing with his elderly, nutty actress-mother and his love life that has gone awry because of said mother and his living conditions with her. But to peel back the layers of calloused skin that reveals the most sensitive nerve endings, then scrape until you’re reduced to praying for an end to all sensitivity as sole means to stop the excoriation takes the skill of a sadist more than a writer.

There is some kind of resolution for the protagonist at the end, but I started to find it a bit of a slog to get through, particularly the brutal scenes like the following which piled up throughout the book. In eerste instantie gaan de herinneringen nog over recente gebeurtenissen zoals de begrafenis, maar via associaties lopen baftis herinneringen al snel alle kanten op, door verschillende tijdsvlakken heen, kris kras door elkaar. Everyone knows this story. Of course, he is a guilt-stricken writer, so can we trust the full self-loathing of his account?


And, possibly the most difficult of all to deal with, the narrator is himself terrifying – capable of horrible things, and this made me perpetually uncomfortable, worrying about how he would go on to screw up his life at each turn.

Tranquility will not suffer the same fate. I love and look for good first sentences.

So my mother sat us daughters down maybe it wasn’t all together. Oct 09, Jim Elkins rated it liked it Shelves: I try to barris if I know anyone from Romania or I should be working on my comic, but instead I’m reading this book, Tranquility, by Attila Bartis, a Romanian, and as I’m writing this I’m wondering why so much interesting art is coming out of Romania?

I feel influenced to watch and not scream “Get out of the way!

Nyugalom () – IMDb

The historical specifics are just catalysts. De herinneringen zijn kort, gescheiden door een enkele wit regel, en zijn ondergebracht in 1 hoofdstuk.

Is Hungary really this? January 27, ISBN: There were also myriad cultural references that were totally lost on me – perhaps someone more well-versed in Hungarian culture would be able to place the book in context better than I. Or maybe it’s not. One month, though, we had a free movie channel.

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He knows that the story is very hard and shocking, thus sometimes he let us take a rest and prepare for another whirlwind. There’s a brutal honesty in all that Bartis deals with in Bartizand this willingness to lay it all out gives the book an energy that at once propels and engulfs the reader. So much that these people do is hateful but you can’t hate them, can’t cynically write them off, can’t but ask what we—as individuals, as a society, as a species—are doing when we lie, especially when we do so with the idea of protecting others or ourselves.


There was that cousin that kind of stalked us but that doesn’t count. Post marks from the fake letters sent to their mother as Judit but really Ander.

That elation is apparently meant to include a bit of laughter: Emotioneel compleet uitgeblust, besluit hij zijn herinneringen aan haar op te schrijven.

Video of Attila Bartis in conversation with Brian Evenson. Een paar weken terug ontdekte ik het worldliteratureforum en dan met name deze pagina http: My shelves tell the story. It’s a moment before the stage bow and abrtis don’t know if there’s going to be rotten tomatoes or “Encore!

Its particulars are those of Warsaw Pact Hungary in the time from the failed revolution of ’56 to the fall of communism, but this family would surely enact some version of its bitter, tragic trajectory against any backdrop.

Tranquility by Attila Bartis

This guy doesn’t want to change the colors of the sky. Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori.

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