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Several important events are required for successful seed setting: the ovule primordia have to be formed, followed by pattern formation and. Second International Conference, TPDL , Paphos, Cyprus, September 27, gestione dei dati, analisi linguisticaā€¯ (Bando FIRB – Futuro in ricerca ) . Titolo: BANDO FIRB – PROGRAMMA “FUTURO IN RICERCA” Anno ” Realization of an innovative system for complex calculations and pattern recognition.

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I dati visualizzati non sono stati sottoposti a validazione da parte dell’ateneo. Aiuto Sfoglia Scorri i prodotti per: This happens for example for big high energy physics experiments. Scheda breve Scheda completa Autori: One aspect that is important for the control of ovule development but until now not studied, is the involvement of epigenetic regulation of gene expression. Progetto di Ricerca Triennale – Genetic and epigenetic control of ovule number and fertility in Arabidopsis Several important events are required for successful seed setting: Yield enhancement is very important to meet increasing food demand.

Milano and CNR-IBBR, Porticisuch as laser microscopy, genome wide histone marks identification, genome wide expression analysis, genome wide chromatin identification. The objectives will be fidb using an integrative approach using NGS approaches that are available in the two Bajdo Univ. We plan to understand how epigenetic modifications correlate with the activity of CUC transcription factors in modulating gene expression needed for ovule primordia formation and development.

Examples of the deployment of the GPUs in scientific applications have already been proposed, however this is probably the first project aimed at using of GPUs in real time applications. This species has been chosen because it is closely related to Arabidopsis and because genome sequence and mutant facilities are available for bandp species.

In addition, there is an increasing demand for plant-derived products for non-food purposes, such as energy production. Even though the data volume and the time scale in the two fields are very different, the above examples show how important the real time processing is. On the other hand, a fast analysis of the collected data is necessary to promptly react to what has been observed.


The project presented will be carried on in three years on by the three research units of INFN, the University of Ferrara, the University of Rome Sapienza; all scientists involved in this project have specific competencies in the proposed field. The underlying idea of the project is to exploit the computational power of the modern graphics processor units for real time applications. The applied aspects of the proposed research are of interest for the agro-food and industrial sectors that will contribute to the technology transfer and to the exploitation of the results.

This, by exploiting the constant development of the electronic industry, reduces the cost and the construction time. This project aims to study bxndo molecular network determining ovule numbers and fertility using Arabidopsis as a model.

In such experiments it is necessary to keep the large flux of data on buffers while selective and 202 algorithms are performed to identify the very few events to store on disk. Scheda prodotto non validato Attenzione! In conclusion, we propose to demonstrate the feasibility of a system for the data acquisition and analysis in real time based on a creative use or emerging electronics technologies.

Athda19 and Atmcc1 mutants in which the histone acetylation is increased have a phenotype similar to the one described for the cuc2 STK:: The most innovative aspect of this project is probably the solution of complex 22012 with the GPUs.

I documenti in IRIS sono protetti da ifrb e tutti i diritti sono riservati, salvo diversa indicazione. Nevertheless it will be necessary to develop new methods to adapt specific application technology that has been design for very different goals. The huge computational power of a single GPU is for such problems comparable with those of hundreds of standard processors CPU.

File in questo prodotto: Autore Titolo Riviste Serie.


The genetic networks controlling ovule number and fertility are strictly connected and a restricted number of master genes control these developmental processes, examples of this are banxo instance the CUC genes, which encode transcription factors.


The main issues of such a proposal are the possibility to have a large bandwidth and a constant latency. The project is built in a way that the two URs, with complementary and the necessary competences to approach such a complex and interesting process, will interact constantly to reach the expected scientific results and to guarantee an excellent training for young scientists.

In addition, it will be easy to adapt the system also to the high level triggers allowing to reduce the cost of the current PC farms for the online selection. In many cases it is essential to have a fast processing time for the data collected. The number of seed that develop is one of the most important traits in plant breeding.

For data transmission we will study different solutions.

Ricerca – Programma – Futuro in Ricerca

I dati possono differire da quelli visualizzati in reportistica. Particular attention will be devoted to latency of the data transfer such as to ensure a total acceptable latency. Even though the trigger in HEP experiments and the reconstruction of medical images have important differences, they share the necessity for high computational power and reliability. This is possible thanks to the specific architecture of the GPUs which well adapts to parallelizable problems such as those of patter recognition.

The final goal is to identify CUC targets that will reveal the genetic network controlling this process and to identify genes that control ovule numbers in Arabidopsis. Utilizza questo identificativo per citare o creare un link a questo documento: The possibility to effectively reduce the rate of collected data with an online selection with similar performances than those obtained offline will reduce the requests on the bandwidth.