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‘Bandit Country’: The IRA & South Armagh by Toby Harnden. For nearly three decades, South Armagh has been the most dangerous posting in the world for a . In case anyone didn’t know, Bandit Country is south Armagh, a sobriquet bestowed on the area and its inhabitants by the jelly. As the helicopter banks over the heavily-fortified Army base at Crossmaglen in the heart of South Armagh’s bandit country, incoming troops are.

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His elderly father Shere, abndit had to be supported by his second son as he went into the mosque, was to die within a year. It is a full 30 minutes before the comforting sound of the helicopter blades can be heard.

Toby Harnden has stripped away the myth and propaganda associated with South Armagh to produce one of the most compelling and important books of the Troubles. Dead Men Risen The Book. For the first time, the identities of the men behind the South Quay and Manchester bombings are revealed.

But there was confusion about exactly where the IRA had said the bomb was and over the next hour another 16 officers were sent out to set conutry cordons and clear the streets. Tension inside the military bases of Bessbrook Mill, a bleak, grey Victorian factory, and its smaller out-stations of Crossmaglen and Forkhill, is high. bandiit

Bandit Country The Book. He turns around and says: Meanwhile, on the road before us, the police constable goes about his duties, gently questioning the two drivers. Last week as three people, including a senior member of Sinn Fein, were charged with spying – precipitating the almost certain suspension of the Northern Ireland Assembly – that risk increased.


Toby Harnden details the violent history of the region – which includes a tradition of government Watchtowers become installation art. References to this book Northern Protestants: Now we are charged with maintaining security while the Good Friday Agreement is put in place. How did they become the elite unit of the world’s most sophisticated paramilitary organisation?

Realising he needed to clear the row of shops next to the transporter, Degraff rushed into a newsagent’s store at 6.

‘Bandit Country’: The IRA and South Armagh – Toby Harnden – Google Books

Aware that a mistake on her part could lead to the deaths of scores of people, she requested that the caller repeat the details. Members of the Berrezag family, Moroccans who worked as cleaners at the Midland Bank branch in South Quay, were even closer to the blast. He irx called it Glad to be Alive.

The bomb was to be set off by a nail attached to a kitchen timer which would complete an electrical circuit, sending power through to two detonators which would activate the detonating cord and, in turn, set off the booster tubes and trigger the main explosive charge. A minute before 7pm, a blue flash could be seen several miles away as the lorry exploded; Bashir and Jefferies were blown ghe two walls and their bodies contry by tons of rubble.

This is IRA bandit country

As we prepare to depart on a patrol a mile from the suth with the Irish Republic the scale of that challenge become clear. Sinn Fein mob attack towers.

I kneel down beside one of the soldiers. The full text of the book can be read here.

Had he opened the door, he countrry have set off the anti-handling device and activated the bomb. Instead of embracing the peace process, the British government acted in bad faith, with Mr Major and the Unionist leaders squandering this unprecedented opportunity to resolve the conflict. A look of concern spreads across his face before he disappears back inside the bunker.


John Jefferies’ father, a widower, was nearly beside himself with grief at the loss of his only son who had still lived with him. The two policemen walked around the lorry and quickly concluded that if the IRA warnings were genuine, the bomb was probably inside the vehicle.

Toby Harnden – Author. Journalist. – Dead Men Risen – Bandit Country

As the mourners gathered at Lewisham crematorium in south London, they listened in silence to a tape of Jefferies’ own rendition of a song he had written and recorded for a new girlfriend just a few days before the bomb.

Police Services of Northern Ireland.

As part of the process of “normalisation” they are required to melt into the shadows: Sunday 30 December UK News feed. First described as “Bandit Country” by Merlyn Rees when banfit was Northen Ireland Secretary inits undulating terrain and fiercely independent people made it the ideal theatre of war for the Provisional IRA.

The threat of bomb and mortar attacks baandit officially declared “high”: Some buildings were evacuated only for their occupants to be sent back in 10 minutes later; others very close to South Quay station knew nothing about the bomb warnings.