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Balefire is a fantasy novel series by Cate Tiernan, the author of the Sweep (aka Wicca) series. In the American Library Association picked A Chalice of. Cate Tiernan’s series Sweep was all I would read (yes, just over and over) in the 8th grade. I was totally addicted. In high school I “nostalgically” went to that. Cate Tiernan Long-lost twin witches and hidden magical powers make for a gripping The Balefire coven has tried and failed to replicate the original rite that .

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March 6, by thedarkphantom. The whole Balefire series by Cate Tiernan is now in one edition. Thias starts studying with a mysterious woman named Carmela. It w I love the Sweep Series by Cate Tiernan, and so, I thought, hey, I might love this book as well, seeing as how it’s by the same author.

A Necklace of Water

How long did it take you to write it? Just enough of a dose of teenage angst, magic, lies, treachery, friendship and history all rolled into one. No, you didn’t read that wrong. The synopsis promised great things, even; ‘a shocking turn of events that no one will predict’, those of which were pretty darn predictable if you bg mind me popping that bubble for you, and after some of the final events took place, that was it, I was glad to never have to pick up any of this series ever again.

What will tiegnan think of your ethics?

Balefire (novel series) – Wikipedia

After eight years I was ready for a change, and my husband and I moved back to New Orleans. Oh, is that not normal? Whew, I was sure I was evil for a second there. In this book, he’s a terrible and horrific character.

I became a huge fan of Cate’s writing because of the Sweep series, and she doesn’t disappoint with Balefire. But my biggest problem with this book however was the characters, and much more than usual. Before anyone groans, let me say that these women write really well about women trying to achieve emotional fulfillment, and that’s kind of what we’re all doing, right? A desperate instinct for survival forces her to try to reclaim her life and her soul, rehabilitating all the beliefs and actions of her past.


I felt the overall story and plot was weak and rushed, taking place in too short a time period, I felt that the characters weren’t developed enough throughout for it to make much of a difference and I can quite honestly say that I won’t be picking up anymore of Cate Tiernan’s work, even if it’s absolutely out of this world.

Petra merkt das zwischen den den Zwillingen etwas passiert ist und will sich aber nicht einmischen.

A Necklace of Water (Balefire, #4) by Cate Tiernan

Obviously the tiernann has no respect for her characters for making them that dumb. Richard started out as interesting, but nondescript almost and kind of blew up into a totally sexy, mysterious hottie who I was definitely rooting for. For one thing, there aren’t enough coffee shops. Mostly back and forth between Clio and Thais. I could not put this book down to save my life.

Aug 23, Shandra rated it liked it. Thais doesn’t seem to get so much as a frowny face balefrie anyone bar Clio at the time about stripping someones powers.

Poor, poor Kevin, having to date an idiot. Sep 30, Katerina rated it really liked it. One of the darkest, most mysterious series I have ever read. It took over pages just for the twins to meet. Readers who devoured the first three books in this thrill-ride series will be dying to see what happens next, and they’ll be rewarded with a shocking turn of events that no one will predict!

Like if she really wasn’t able to do it I’m sure she would’ve gotten balefide and killed everyone present, including her mother LOL. I was left re-reading several passages, feeling a headache coming on, just trying to decipher some of them.

Stay in Touch Sign up. I loved this book. All of the books come tierjan and create this awesome ending, and I can assure you it’s worth reading the lot just for that.

Even Wicca is too organized a religion for me. It felt quick, rushed and unexciting, and it didn’t leave me sad that I’d finished the series. The first three books were great. It was painfully boring, and I was anti-everyone in this book. Nov 08, Tiffany Homsher rated it it was amazing.


Balefire Series

But everyone had all this great development and growth. You are commenting using your WordPress. New Orleans is also the hometown of author Anne Rice. As for the overall book. Blog Statshits Email Subscription Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Manon on the other hand grew more confident and strong once she’d been betrayed, and while she wasn’t quite as lovely in the end as I had once thought, bj was however a great character on the grounds of her relationship with Sophie and the struggles she went through having become immortal and such a young age.

Well done Tiernan you achieved what you set tierann to do In the American Library Association picked A Chalice of Wind as one of their notable children’s books for that year.

Baelfire from ” https: She shows up, laughs, monologues for a moment, and then skips off again. Loose Threads Marcel and Sophie love story? U become invested not just in the main characters but even in those who at first glance, u may not like so much. I feel like the muck she calls a book can’t get much worse, but every time she proves me wrong.

Her books are amazing! I can compare my personality with Clio because she is a person who likes to push away things that is meant to be and is too stubborn to see things the way most balefure see.

There are a lot of strong women here, and I find them inspiring.

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