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Feedpro-Bohol “Ang Babuyang Walang Amoy” – – Rated 5 based on 4 Reviews ” Thank you for the quick and friendly response. GOD bless”. A simple Babuyang Walang Amoy good for 10 pigs This natural piggery project was made together with Meralco Foundation () in. How to Raise Pigs: Baboyang walang amoy or Odorless Pigpen Episode 1.

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Typically, 2 to 3 feet of rice hull is placed on top of the natural soil or ground. In turn, it improves their digestion thereby allowing their bodies to optimally absorb the nutrients in the feeds. Are you looking for an outlet to purchase Feedpro? The Probiotics or good bacteria work by outnumbering the number of pathogens or wallang bacteria in the digestive tract and competing with these harmful bacteria for their food source.

Because of these healthy Probiotics, pigs are able to achieve the same growth rates or even better growth rates than conventional feeds that use antibiotics and medications. It is important that the materials used to construct the piggery are sturdy enough to withstand the elements and strong enough to hold the pigs inside the pen. Fermentation is recommended because it further stimulates the Probiotics in the feeds before they even reach the gut.

It is recommended to use simple materials that are readily available to you. Clean and empty the pond regularly in the afternoons. It is recommended that the height of the drinker be adjustable. This technology is easier, cleaner, and more cost-effective for farmers, it reduces antibiotic dependency in pigs, it is environment and community-friendly, and it promotes humane animal treatment. Take a quick tour of our demo pens in any of our centers to get hands-on experience about FeedPro.

Provide a feeding trough on the front side of the pen, with a width of about 8 inches and a depth of 6 inches. The pond is located at the back of the pen, is 1 meter wide and spans the entire length of the pen. After harvest, it is recommended to change all the bedding and replace to new bedding before new piglets are stocked. Bedding It is recommended to use rice hull or other high lignin or organic materials as bedding. Any excess water will fall into the wallowing pond when the pig is drinking.


There is no concrete flooring below the rice hull bedding.

Feedpro – Ang Natural Hog Feeds Para Sa Babuyang Walang Amoy

The pigs use the pond to cool amly. What makes a good harvest?: It may also span the entire length of the piggery or at least long enough to accommodate all the pigs. Allocate automatic drinkers on the wall of the wallowing pond. There must be 1 drinker for every 3 pigs.

It can be fed to pigs dry which is the conventional way of feedingwet, or fermented. It is not advisable to leave water there overnight because the temperature of piggery area may become too cool for the pigs. The feeding trough is usually placed opposite the wallowing pond. It is recommended to allocate about 1. Other materials that may be available can also be used as long as they do not potentially hurt or stress the pigs.

Vehicles should also be able to easily access the pen, especially during harvest. Some growers have experienced shortcomings when growing their pigs e. salang

More and more Filipinos, both experienced farmers and those new to farming, have begun to adopt this technology of growing healthy pigs. The waste can be set aside and used as fertilizer for plants. Please note only Feedpro feeds from starter to finisher are allowed to be fermented. Feedpro follows the typical feeding program or feeding schedule of conventional feeds. The feeding trough is only about 10 inches wide — wide enough for the pig to eat from and narrow enough to prevent the pigs from sleeping on the trough.


Automatic Drinkers It is ideal to have automatic drinkers installed on the wall on the wallowing pond side of the pen. The location of the piggery should have ample wind and sunlight penetration.

And to make it easier, choose a location that is accessible to main roads. It is also important to note that the location must also allow for ample wind to flow through the piggery.

FEEDING It is also important that the pigs are fed organic feed or natural feed, such as Feedpro, that contain no harmful antibiotics or babjyang growth hormones. Maintain a shallow pool of water about 1 to 6 inches deep only during the daytime. The wallowing pond must be filled with up ealang 6 inches deep water every morning and must be drained and cleaned every afternoon. Rice hull is used as bedding material for the pigs.

The earth flooring below the natural piggery must be at the walany possible level in case of flood. Shed-type or semi-monitor type roofs are generally recommended. Make sure to avoid lowlands where flood incidence is high during rainy seasons. A cool environment helps foster more stress-free pigs. A pond also allows for a generally cleaner pen. The fermented feeds are then given to the pigs in its liquid form. Usually, the rice hull replaced every cycle or harvest of the pigs. Materials Needed Farmers can use whatever materials they have readily available in their areas.

To ferment feeds, Feedpro is soaked in water 1 kilo of feeds to 3 liters of water for up to 12 hours.