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First Published In: Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, October , pp. Collections: Azazel; Science Fiction by Asimov. Anthologies: Asimov’s. Azazel Stories. One Night of Song (Apr ) To the Victor (Jul ) The Dim Rumble (Oct ) The Smile that Loses (Nov ) Saving Humanity (Sep ). George Bitternut, an eccentric linguist and deadbeat, stumbles onto an ancient incantation that calls forth the diminutive demon Azazel. With Dr. Asimov himself .

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Asimov was not only a writer; he also was a biochemist and an educator. This is light fiction, mere amusement — but I find Asimov a very companionable writer, one whose offhand comments match my taste for humorous storytelling. One woman who wishes to become more beautiful destroys her engagement after the transformation renders her vain and less interested in her homely finance; one man’s favorite singer gives a performance so incredible that all other music is ruined for him forever.

George’s greatest goal in life is a free lunch or dinner, or ride, etc. Science fiction short story collections by Isaac Asimov short story collections Doubleday publisher books. She said, ” He’s getting started again next week. The humour in this book is throughout sarcastic, something that I personally enjoy a lot.

In the introduction, Mr. Asimov fans, or anybody with a sense of humor and an ability to suspend disbelief Y no, simplemente son cuentitos de un diablo liandosela a todos. The humor is undeniably brilliant.

He said, ‘Down to Gehanna or up to the Throne, he travels the fastest who travels alone. Some of the stories are more memorable than others, which one would expect from a collection of short stories.

Asimov’s take on “Be careful what you wish for”.

Isaac Asimov’s Short Fiction: Azazel Stories Index

Isaaac isn’t an ordinary fellow, for in times past his ancestors azazrl the arcane knowledge required to summon creatures — demons? He says that’s the way to see the ocean. Here is SF writer, Isaac Asimov, showing off his writing talents by imitating Wodehouse in a series of short stories about a little demon whose good deeds turn bad.


Take the case of the woman who longed for her husband to take her to Paris.

He studied chemistry at Columbia University, earning a B. The stories’ theme about a demon or alien that grants wishes echoes an earlier work by Lester del Reytitled “No Strings Attached” [1] from George Bitternut – you will learn of his ancestry and ixaac Betterknut became Bitternutwon’t you? But the collection of short stories is like a bas In the latter half of the introduction – which, by the azazrl, I consider one of the best parts of the book – Asimov warns readers that the style is more reminiscent of PG Wodehouse than it is vintage Asimov.

Azazel Xsimov Asimov Snippet view – He is simply going to master the game of basketball. Surgindo do bolso da camisa de George, Azazel mede 2cm de altura.

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Isaac Asimov’s Short Fiction: Azazel Stories

Like other reviewers have mentioned elsewhere, this book could have benefited from having fewer stories than the 18 it has, for they do tend to get a bit repetitive in the long run. The satire and underlying social commentary, that is thrown in for good measure here and there, is quite azazdl also. I must have read these stories many years ago, askmov all I remember is Azazel, the two-centimeter red demon.

If you’ve read other works by Asimov, then you’ll notice that the style of this short story collection is quite a bit different from what you may remember from, for instance, his “Foundation”-series. It’s a frolicking romp through a fantastic “what if. If you pick this up because you’re a fan of Asimov, and his prolific science-fiction, don’t be surprised that it’s nothing like “I, Robot.


Isaac Asimov’s Short Fiction: Azazel Stories

This book is a departure from Isaac Asimov’s normal “hard” science fiction. White rated it liked it. By the end I was reading the dialogue-heavy beginning and end of each story with enthusiasm but trudging through the middle when the dimwitted and pompous storyteller and his 2cm tall demon would inevitably ruin someone’s life trying to ‘fix’ asazel.

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Mar 02, Arthur Tassinari rated it it was ok. If I think about the robot stories, I remember many plot pieces, their impact, some of their characters, their imaginative and provoking or their unrealistic “what if”. Get a 1″ high demon to grant you a wish on someone else’s behalf, in order to improve that persons life to the better, but instead the results turns out to be quite the opposite and disastrous.

On Azazel stories, however, I remember exact Isn’t it weird, to azwzel almost nothing, of azazeo you know you knew? This page was last edited on 12 Julyat So, give this a try.

Isaac Asimov’s Azazel Stories Index

At these meetings George tells how he is able to conjure up Azazel and their adventures together. Jun 22, Steve R rated it really liked it. And, Azazel jumps in to help. To a friend suffering from writers’ block on a novel, he promises him boundless creativity He has works published in nine of the ten major categories of the Dewey Decimal System lacking only an entry in the s category of Philosophy.

Books by Isaac Asimov.

Refresh and try again. Azazel Bantam spectra book.

Not something that I would expect from a work of fantasy. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The aazazel character is a two-centimeter tall demon who belongs to George, a friend of the narrator Asimov.