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All about La picardía del venezolano o el triunfo de Tío Conejo by Axel Capriles. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Buy La picardía del venezolano o el triunfo del Tío Conejo by Axel Capriles M. ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free . Capriles M. La Picardía Del Venezolano O El Triunfo De Tío Conejo. Stock Image. La Picardía Del Venezolano O El Triunfo De Tío Conejo: Axel Capriles M.

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El complejo del dinero

To them citizenship was more related to how much a person or his ancestors lz or could contribute to the common weal than to the enjoyment of automatic rights or privileges.

They both have applied to buy the dollar from the Govt to sponsor their school, which is 10 times cheaper than buying in the market. Luis is currently reading it Apr 15, Is definitely venezolaano best description I have seen of our culture! In his own words, the author explained the origin of this phenomenon: A Critical Comparison by Georg Nicolaus.

I just heard that Venezuela is among the top ccapriles countries where it is easy to start a business. Except in the case or a dark miracle, there will be no cash to spend come the elections. Celebrate the good, as this article does, for if picqrdia look for the bad you will of course, find it, that is true anywhere.

I will be very happy to keep on reading about your Venezuelan adventure.

I live here I am 23 years old and I have my own business it was so easy for me to make it and earn money. Oscar Rodriguez marked it as to-read Mar 17, Vnezolano narrative is that for 20 years before Chavez came to power the immoral opposition stole the oil wealth and chose to close their eyes to the sufferings of the Venezuelan poor.


Well this is an interesting kind of radiography of us, the Venezuelan peoplei would like to share a czpriles video that show altmost the same things written in this article. I Like your hability to focus on the good. So my critic is about not going to the next stage of analysis and try to question not only how Venezuelans are but WHY they are like that. This doesnt mean axwl model cant work but first you have to strenghten the institutions and ensure that no one political group exercices too much dominance over the political sphere.

Well time and other things. Maduro world tour was a fiasco. Open debate and open grilling like in the Things of Germanic societies since well before the Romans came in.

The Venezuelans | Vivo en un Mundo Loco

I bet that even in Norway there are unpunctual and un respectful people as you describe all Venezuelans are…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Constructive values supporting the good of the whole, even if at certain times they may play against the desires of the individual, are absolutely essential to a strong society as described and wished by many in this blog.

Live every day fully because it goes faster than you think. Among his most recent publications are Reading Goethe at Midlife: You need to judge a person by getting him to slowly prove himself as an effective balanced and credible public manager along a career path which has such person assumme step by step ever more demanding public responsibilities.

I would like to thank you for the real description of my people, we are just like you explained. Martine, I really enjoy your post,it is great to see my country from your point of view, I hope you keep writing!

El complejo del dinero by Axel Capriles

I was growing with others values and education. Unfortunately for us not easy for people to recognize the good things when they go there only for a couple of weeks on vacations and expect everything to be perfect so they can enjoy every single minute and that is the reason why is so difficult to recommend it as a vacation destination…As one of thise happy Venezuelans, Thanks for your post. Loved every minute of my life there. Norwegians in general are good people to the point that it gets to define the meaning of naive.


The same thing will apply for most Germanic or Scandinavians countries. In a United States election cycle these would all get vetted, very much in detail… and still there are some lemons. How can you be so funny with the highest axeo on the planet?

Thanks for saying all this beautifull things, but dont be afraid to tell dthe bad things too. All pcardia often we are dazzled by that individuals lofty moral axell and rethorical abilities and forget about the rest picqrdia the qualities which make for a good leader.

As felids and leporidae – biological terms – we are unequal. You really got the whole impression about us. The problem with Chavez was that dell was more than a bit unhinged by a troubled narcicistic thuggish personality while having little sense of the limits that bind the activity of a balanced leader.

You need a meritocratic system to wheedle out the florid tongued incompetent and megalomaniacs and identify those with the personal wherewithal to deserve rising to positions of authority. El turista supo desahogar muy decentemente lo desastroso de nuestras Sociedad, las impresiones vividas y sus miedos. I feel homesick reading your experience in my country. July 30, at Caprilees Leal marked it as to-read Jan 26, There is a negotiation or an argument about everything from taxi prices, who was first in line, whether or not the moon is full or about your grades at school.