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Artículo original / ORIGINAL ARTICLE. La automedicación de antibióticos: un problema de salud pública. Automédication with antibiotics: public health problem. El debate sobre la automedicación. Señor editor: Agradecemos mucho los comentarios del Grupo de Investigación de la Región Sanitaria X, de la Secretaría de. 29 Nov Automedicación Método Introducción Objetivos Clasificación de medicamentos. Hipótesis Automedicación Marco teórico. Factores que.

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Services on Demand Article. Resistencia de Helicobacter pylori a metronidazol, claritromicina y amoxicilina en pacientes colombianos. Revista Cubana Medicina General Integral ; 25 4: Cross-national variation of gender differences in adolescent subjective health in Europe and North America. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment.

Medicamentos de venta libre en el Brasil. Adolescence is a key period in which an individual takes first steps towards self-care and self-medication. Nevertheless, on analyzing the practice of self-medication with respect to use of specific drug groups, a female excess was observed.

The pharmacy autmedicacion the most usual source The antibiotic most used was the amoxicillin The socio-demographic characteristics of the participating students appear in Table 1.

A cross-sectional survey was conducted among expatriate students through a validated, self-administered questionnaire and data was analyzed using SPSS 19 version. The general population of UAE is also reported to be self-medicating frequently with antibiotics acquired from community pharmacies without prescriptions 30,31though the OTC dispensing of antibiotic is illegal.

All the students were expatriates from multi-ethnic backgrounds and almost equally distributed by gender.

The period prevalence rate of self-medication in the past year among the participants was Since the participants did not respond to every statement in the questionnaire, there were differences in the value of n auutomedicacion total population of respondents for individual questions.


Issa 4Mohamed Arifulla 5.

However, adolescents appear to report health risk behaviors and medicine use reliably over time. Send the link below via email or IM Copy. J Infect Dev Ctries. Self-medication with antibiotics and antimalarials in the community of Khartoum State, Sudan.

automedicaicon Self-medication in children and adolescents. This research received no specific grant from any funding agency in the public, commercial, or not-for-profit sectors. Voluntary participation was stressed upon, confidentiality of data was assured and informed consent was obtained from the participating students. Otras personas en sutomedicacion porcentaje adujeron motivos como: Results The socio-demographic characteristics of the participating students appear in Table 1. In order to avoid misinterpretation, the drug groups were specified based on their primary effects e.

Send this link to let others join your presentation: E o estomacal Los medicamentos no son caramelos Most people take antibiotics Medicine use among and year olds: The one year prevalence rate of self-medication did not show any difference with regard to gender in our study.

Headache, automrdicacion and flu symptoms were the common self- reported conditions in the previous year.

Automedicacion by belen leneschmit on Prezi

Health care providers, pharmacists, educators and parents should be actively involved in early health education strategies for establishing responsible use of medicines in this age group. Please log in to add your comment.

uatomedicacion About half of the students also reported allergies and sleep problems. WHO guidelines for the regulatory assessment of medicinal products for use in self-medication. The cooperation council for the Arab states of the Gulf.


Studies had also reported that adolescents had access to the home medicine cabinet 26 or obtained their auromedicacion from their parents. Int J Adolesc Med Health. Moreover, differences in accessibility to the public healthcare system between the local Emirati and expatriate population may also influence self-medication practices in the latter. The drugs most used in self-medication were analgesics A cross-sectional survey was carried out among a convenience sample of expatriate high school students grades 9 to 12 in four private schools in the UAE, after obtaining Institutional Ethics Committee approval.

The higher proportion of females experiencing health complaints at least once a month Send link to edit together this prezi using Prezi Meeting learn more: Health care providers, educators and parents can play a vital role in making the transition to self-care successful in adolescents.

Although self-care has to be encouraged, PHC professionals must make their patients aware of the harmful effects of self-medication. Health care providers, educators and parents should be actively involved in health education strategies for inculcating responsible self-medication practices in the adolescent population of UAE. Scand J Auomedicacion Health.

J Pharm Pharm Sci. A structured questionnaire filled in by home care nurses from April to June The female excess observed for certain self-reported health complaints is also observed in other studies. Sante ; 14 2: Diversas razones fueron expuestas para justificar esta conducta: Substance used for treatment or prevention or diagnosis of disease including modern medications or those from other healthcare systems.