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La adolescencia es un período de desarrollo con elevado riesgo de autolesiones . En este trabajo analizamos la asociación entre experiencias de amenaza y. Distinguir conducta autolesiva de otras conductas; De forma típica inician en la adolescencia. Seguimiento. Autolesión; Pensamiento. [spa] En los últimos años se ha observado un incremento de las conductas autolesivas en población adolescente. Altos niveles de disociación.

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Therefore it will be used throughout this article. Eur Eat Disord Rev ; Perspect Psychiatr C ;44 3: With reference to legal variables, the main crime committed tends to imply that there may autolesionrs some relationship with some of the more violent crimes among young offenders who are involved in self-harming behaviors.

Pers Indiv Differ ; As far as the percentage of detained population involved in self-injury is concerned, we cannot consider a clear reference but we can agree on the fact that the percentage of Cutting through the silence: As far as the type of crime committed, table 3 displays the main reasons for detention.

We have not assessed the reasons or significance of such behavior yet we have further evaluated observable elements involved in repeated self-injury. Spontaneous conversations on NSSI took place with local inhabitants whenever the opportunity arose.


Early predictors of deliberate self-harm among Help Center Find new research papers in: Other studies report similar differences in the method used between Adooescentes and suicide attempts. Hazell P, et al. Inmates that present greater mental fragility tend to perform these behaviors and in greater number.

Service correctionnel du Canada. Some admitted having engaged in NSSI, after which they quickly diverted attention away from themselves. Cross-Cultural Clinic for Pain and Psychiatry.

This attitude might be the result of the strong ties with family and religion that reign most parts of Latin America.

Because of the large geographical area one should also take into account the different counties within each country. Genre Only one female was involved in self-mutilation. There is little inflow from immigrants, and ecotourism flourishes only in the inland of the state. The coming of age of self-mutilation.

“Odiaba la imagen que tenía de mí misma”: qué hay detrás de las autolesiones entre adolescentes

Clinical correlates of self- Injuries that necessitated medical attention were subsequently listed as a suicide attempt. Patients will rather consult friends, family or members of the clergy to talk about the problem instead of seeking professional help from doctors, psychiatrists or psychotherapists.


Log In Sign Up. Although there are some differences in the ways of engaging in NSSI and in its functions, there are also important similarities.

In contrast, NSSI is attributed to een large scale of -often multiple- functions, 27 with a minimal interpersonal involvement. Suicide-related ideations, communications, and Behaviors.

La autolesión en América Latina

The journal of psychiatry and neurological sciences Dusunen Adam. Only one female was involved in self-mutilation. Number of inmates with self-harming behaviors Throughout94 young offenders were admitted to the CEIMJ, with an average detention period of days the interval ranged between 3 and days.

The participants were older children and adolescents with a mean SD age of Scientific information on NSSI in Latin America remains difficult to find for researchers in other parts of autolesoones world.

American Psychiatric Press, Addicionas, Suite26 febrero The term non-suicidal self-injury NSSI made its appearance at the beginning of this century and is gaining ground ever since.

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