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CH C C20 C C CH CH CHA ALPHA CHE .. General Plant/Equipment Reactors – Alloy Atmos Press Bottlers Generator Skôr ako uvediete spotrebi do prevádzky Preítajte si, prosím, pozorne návod na.

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They have a cylindrical surface attached to them. After the last segment has been attached and the tube has been seated into the rear of the boiler, check that the grating has a side play of 5 — 7 mm.

Návod k obsluze

The user must not tamper with the boiler construction or its electrical installation. Shift the control panel forward and tilt it to a side. Laddomat 21 GB With its construction, Laddomat 21 replaces the traditional connection composed of individual parts. This operating method c20e decreases the boiler service life. GB Hot-water boiler 2.

As you are pulling it out, individual segments of the grating start falling off. Heating system maintenance – including boilers Inspect ztmos least once every 2 weeks. It is used for boilers over 32 kW. Slide the grating tube bvod in position and place the individual segments back on it, one by one.

After a certain time, the sealing cord gets pressed down and therefore it becomes necessary to screw the wheel further into the boiler. Set the setting handle to the temperature read on the boiler thermometer. There are several ways of protecting the boiler against overheating.

Should the waste gas temperature fall below the preset value, the thermostat switches the extraction ventilator off. Possible failures and nvoc Failure GB Cause – no voltage in network – plug incorrectly inserted to el.

Návod k obsluze – Spotřebiče

If the accumulation at,os cannot be used, then we recommend using at least one tank of – 1, litre volume for equalising the boiler start-ups and run-outs. Finish the installation by replacing the covers.

For the heating system regulation we recommend regulation elements provided by the following companies: Do not leave parts replacement for the last moment; prepare ncod boiler for the heating season as early as in spring. Waste gas thermostat 4. Safety irreversible thermostat — serves as boiler protection against overheating in case of control thermostat failure or as an indication of exceeding the emergency temperature. Remove one of the side covers. Then tighten the nut.


Safe distances When installing the appliance, keep a minimum safe distance of mm from building materials. Wood and coal may be burnt separately or ahmos. Opravu provedl, datum Oprava: If you cannot install the boiler into an accumulation aymos, then we recommend installing it with at least one equalising tank; the volume of which should be rated approx.

The following graph illustrates the relationship of moisture content to heating capacity of the fuel. The lower burn-off area is lined with ceramic shaped pieces. When connecting the boiler without an accumulation tank or equalizing tank, the pump placed in the heated building circuit must be switched by an individual thermostat or electronic regulation so that it only operates when the pump in boiler circuit operates.

Another option is purchasing tanks in a leather-cloth housing insulated by mineral wool see the price list. These conditions may occur when using the boiler to heat hot potable water HPW in summer, or when heating only a section of the building.

Setting the required water temperature for the building is always achieved by means of a three-way mixing valve. Cover the glowing charcoals with a broad log and add coal or other fuel.

It is necessary to seek and discover an optimal position of the thermostat; which depends on type of fuel, chimney draught and other conditions. The operator must occasionally inspect operating boilers. This thermostat must be pressed down in case that boiler overheating occurred. Door sealing cord replacement Procedure: The actual slow-burn combustion time depends on the amount of fuel placed in the boiler and on the actual quantity of consumed heat. The control panel also comprises of a waste gas thermostat which is used to switch the ventilator off when the fuel has been combusted.



Control panel appearance A 1 www. Loading door and ash-pan door must always be well closed. Thermometer — monitors the temperature of water exiting the boiler 2.

Amos necessary condition for justifying a guarantee claim is possession of a legible and complete record identifying the company that installed the boiler.

If the operation and maintenance manual is not adhered to, in cases of negligent or unprofessional handling, or burning prohibited substances, the guarantee expires and the repair costs are borne by the customer. There is also an irreversible safety thermostat on the panel. The mixing valve can be regulated manually or by electronic regulation, which contributes to a more convenient and economical operation of the heating system. Use also a poker or a brush to remove dust sediments from the lower combustion chamber walls.

The boiler must always be installed in a way which prevents overheating and subsequent damage even during a power cut.

The purchaser was familiarised with the use and operation of the product — in a provable way. After ignition close the top door and open the lower door. NOTE —regular and thorough cleaning is important for permanent effectiveness and a long service life of your boiler. Type and seating of shaped pieces into combustion area 1.

The output draught regulator adjustment should be performed carefully as it regulates the output and protects the boiler from overheating. The user needs to determine the optimal operating position for particular conditions.

Basic wood burning data You can ensure maximum output and a long service life if you burn wood which has been left for at least 2 years to dry.

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